The best weapons and boons to beat Chronos in Hades 2

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Chronos is the main villain of Hades 2 and fittingly acts as the final boss of the Underworld route, and beating the Titan of Time is no easy feat. 

In a reversal of the events in Hades 1, Melinoe works her way down from the surface all the way to the Underworld. Chronos has replaced the River Styx’s blood-red waters with the golden sands of time. Getting to Chronos in the first place puts the player through the wringer before they even reach the titular Titan.

However, the real fun, or not, begins when Chronos stands from his golden throne. Even veterans of countless Hades 1 clears will find Chronos a tough Titan to crack, especially with Melinoe’s new movements and arsenal. Still, even time itself has limits, and this guide will take players through the best ways to beat Chronos in Hades 2.

Hades 2: Chronos boss fight tactics

Like his son Hades, Chronos’ boss fight has two phases to worry about, with each requiring different strategies. While this presents a unique challenge relative to comparatively straightforward boss fights like Eris, he can still be beaten.

Chronos phase one

Chronos in phase one of his boss fight in Hades 2

Chronos’ first phase features hordes of enemies, fatal scythe slashes, destructive golden orbs, protective shields, and time-stopping explosions. The Titan of Time will throw everything at his disposal against Melinoe from the very start. Hordes of Satyrs fill the screen as Chronos slashes, stops time, and sends out golden orbs of death in no particular order.

Pay attention to Chronos’ attack animations to know which way to dodge. His slashes will linger for a moment before exploding and dealing damage, so avoid those slashes at all costs while active. After each attack, he will hover for a short period and offer up a good opportunity to attack him.

Clear out crowds of enemies first before focusing attacks on Chronos. With so many hard-to-dodge projectiles and melee attacks, it’s important to have the space to dodge them. Melinoe can’t do that if there are satyrs in the way, so clear them out as soon as possible. Also make sure to destroy Chronos’ flags, as these give him protective shields.

On top of all that, Chronos cannot be beaten with any powers that manipulate time. Hexes like Phase Shift will not slow down Chronos, nor will the Sorceress Arcana which slows down time during Omega moves. Amusingly, if the player pauses the game during the boss fight, Chronos will break the fourth wall and unpause the game. 

You can unlock the incantation “Power to Pause and Reflect” after losing to Chronos, which lets you pause during the boss fight. Predictably, Chronos will insult the player for needing a bathroom break during a hectic fight.

Finally, do not get caught in Chronos’ time bubbles. If Melinoe gets caught by Chronos’ time stop, she has no way of fighting back the damage. Undoubtedly, Phase One is the toughest part of the Chronos fight. Thankfully, Phase Two gives the player a lot more breathing room. 

Chronos phase two

Chronos Phase Two Boss Fight Hades 2

Chronos’ second phase is deceptively chaotic but is significantly easier than Phase 1 and takes place on a giant clock. He still has his scythe attacks, but they aren’t as fast as before, so just dash or sprint out of the way. The biggest change is the lack of Satyrs, meaning Melinoe can dodge much more easily. Chronos sometimes summons hourglasses that explode into time-stop bubbles when destroyed, but they aren’t difficult to dodge.

Chronos’ big attack is an implosion that deals massive damage. When Chronos does this, run into the glowing circle to avoid the blast. If possible, Omega Cast on Chronos before gunning for the spot, as he will not move while casting the attack.

Another hard-hitting attack is Chronos summoning multiple time stop bubbles at once. Stay in the middle of the arena once the attack begins charging and dodge Chronos’ orbs, as that is much easier to manage than getting trapped in stasis. After beating Chronos down, the player gains some Z-Sand for the trouble

The best boons and weapons to beat Chronos in Hades 2

The Argent Skull and Witch’s Staff are the best weapons against Chronos.

While every weapon can theoretically be used to beat Chronos, players will have the easiest time with these two because of their versatility. Being able to deal damage from afar and up close is valuable against such a mobile opponent. Aggressive players will favor the skull while cautious players may perform better with the staff. 

The best boon for the Argent Skull against Chronos is Aphrodite’s Fluttering Flourish. The massive boost in damage output lets the player easily clear satyrs, dodge projectiles, and deal heavy damage to Chronos all at once. For the Witch’s Staff, pick up Apollo’s Nova Flourish or Poseidon’s Wave Flourish. These give the projectiles a much larger area of effect, which makes hitting Chronos from pretty much anywhere in range much easier. It also has the bonus of clearing out crowds with ease.

Supergiant Games ultimately gives players options for taking out the big bad of Hades 2, so players can lean on comfort options if they need to. There’s more than one way to beat Chronos, but these offer a strong foundation for those who are struggling.

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