TSM has officially left the LCS, here’s why and who takes its spot

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TSM has been a crowd favorite in League of Legends esports since 2011 and the organization is officially leaving its longtime home of the LCS.

The former Team SoloMid is an iconic team in the North American LoL league, claiming many domestic championship wins. The organization has had ups and downs, but fans cheering “TSM! TSM! TSM!” at events is still the norm in LoL esports, even for events that the team isn’t in. The end of an era is here though, as TSM officially leaves LCS. 

Despite being the LCS’s winningest and most popular team, some fans are curious about its exit and what this decision will bring to the North American region. It’s already been discussed where the organization is headed, and who is set to replace the brand in the LCS.

tsm roster 2017
TSM’s 2017 roster

Why isn’t TSM in the LCS anymore?

According to TSM CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh, TSM left the LCS to transition to a tier-one region in League of Legends.

Reginald addressed fans in May 2023 and stated the organization has been planning to transition to another tier-one region in hopes of claiming an international title. Reginald also noted that TSM is not yet finished, and the organization remains committed to winning its first world championship.

In order to achieve this goal, TSM plans to relocate to Korea’s LCK, China’s LPL, or Europe’s LEC. Compared to North America, all three of these regions have posted significantly stronger results in international LoL competitions throughout the game’s history.

Reginald states TSM has been actively working towards this for over three years. He also believes that transitioning to another region will reignite the organization’s hunger to win a world championship in League of Legends.

Fans have had a mixed response to these events, with some hoping the team comes back stronger while others mourn the end of some of LoL’s longest-running rivalries. There’s also some concern as TSM’s departure is another sign of struggles within the LCS. Counter-Logic Gaming sold its franchise and shut down, Evil Geniuses split from its CEO and could see its world champion Valorant team leave,

What will happen after TSM’s exit from the LCS?

Shopify Rebellion has acquired TSM’s LCS franchise and will take its spot in the LCS.

Shopify Rebellion claims TSM’s spot in the LCS. The e-commerce company has been dabbling in esports for years, sponsoring numerous professional StarCraft 2 players and signing the longtime Evil Geniuses roster in Dota 2. Prior to being revealed as an LCS franchisee, it was announced the organization partnered with Moist Esports to co-sponsor a Valorant team.

In League of Legends, the move is more akin to a rebrand relative to past franchise transfers as the organization acquired the full 2023 TSM roster. Shopify Rebellion’s first season in LoL esports will start with these players:

  • Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell
  • Lee “Bugi” Seong-yeop
  • David “Insanity” Challe
  • Jason “WildTurtle” Tran
  • Johnathan “Chime” Pomponio

TSM has yet to confirm what region it will be relocating to. The organization may acquire a franchise in the LEC, LCK, or LPL or it could co-sponsor a team with an established franchisee.

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