Understanding the role of strategy in modern gaming

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Gaming fans have seen a vast number of gaming titles released over the years featuring different blends of tactics and opportunities for implementing strategies. 

There is often a balance between luck and strategy in the best and most entertaining games, and some are even known for being totally random. Games can just be up to pure luck while still being fun, but strategy is valued for those who want to test their thinking power. 

The history of strategy and tactics in games

Strategy has always been there when it comes to gaming. Even games that have been played for hundreds of years have some form of strategy, as we’ve seen in the world of card games. 

Texas Hold’em is one example, as the poker game that has been tailored to modern audiences through its blend of fortune in which cards are drawn, and strategy in the form of betting strategies and reading one’s opponents. Understanding Texas Hold’em rules is crucial before players start, as without that knowledge they’ll really struggle to find any kind of meaningful success.

Once players understand how the game works and what the rules are, they may change the way they bet or implement one of a number of poker strategies. Top poker players often have a lot of different ideas about how they will try to win. Professional players are renowned for using different methods, too. Daniel Negreanu is one who has shared many aspects of his complex tactical approach to the game. 

History isn’t limited to card games when we’re looking at strategy, and no discussion of strategy in gaming would be complete without mentioning board games including chess.

This classic board game’s appeal includes simplicity in rules, but also complexity in the nearly endless possibilities, allowing for strategic thinking that has fascinated players for centuries.

The best of the game are able to think several steps ahead and adapt their strategies in real-time, which is something that has now translated to a lot of other forms of modern gaming. Chess goes to show that a game doesn’t have to be incredibly complex for strategy to be involved at a high level. Chess may have stemmed from an earlier game, Go, which is still played around the world and has even more possibilities of how games can pan out that must be considered. 

Making the most of strategy in modern games

People who want to play modern strategy games will find a huge number of PC games offering planning and building possibilities, and the Civilization series is one that offers a deeply satisfying experience. Civilization provides a turn-based strategy game that allows players the opportunity to guide a civilization from the dawn of its history into the far future.

Each time players embark on a new playthrough it is a unique narrative that they experience, with players crafting their own stories. This is one of the reasons why the game has been so successful. Combined with its historical context, the game encourages players to think critically and put a sound strategy in place, and it’s not alone in this regard. 

Consoles have become another good option for those who want to play strategy games. Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5 have great power now, opening up the possibilities for games available on these platforms.

Loads of games implement an element of strategy without being labeled strictly as a “strategy game.”

Strategic games often pit one person against another to try and establish who can outwit the other. Esports provide a great platform for this, and pro players such as the legendary Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok have become masters in this regard, promising to continue to perform at top tournaments.

Some strategy games aren’t that new, though they may feel like a new concept for some people. StarCraft: Brood War is a competitive game that’s been around for over 20 years, and it requires players to manage an economy and resources while also taking part in dynamic combat on the battlefield. 

StarCraft is played at professional tournaments and is known for forcing players to make tough decisions under pressure. The tactics and strategic planning involved have made StarCraft a favorite among gamers who relish a challenge that also requires quick reflexes.

Strategy is an aspects of popular games that draws hundreds of thousands of viewers to tune in and see people pit their wits against each other. Even games you might not think of as strategy games often incorporate elements of strategic thinking and tactical decision-making. 

Chess and Go are thousands of years old, but they’re still popular today. People want to be able to test their brainpower through games, and while some are more random than others, many games let people put some level of strategy to the test.

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Written by Jose Tellez

Jose Tellez has spent much of his career working in and around the gaming industry. His favorite games are in the Call of Duty franchise, and he has a history as both a competitive Call of Duty player and as a COD team manager. Jose's previous experience includes stops at both Amazon and at WIN, where he led business development efforts for multiple gaming websites. Beyond video games, Jose has a strong passion for soccer.

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