Until Dawn remaster gets new deaths, scenes in screenshot leak

until dawn remaster

Leakers revealed some of the new content coming in the upcoming Until Dawn PS5 and PC remaster, including what are seemingly new locations and death scenes.

Supermassive Games had its breakout debut with Until Dawn in 2015. Critics and casuals praised the game’s butterfly effect system, solid writing, and homages to iconic horror films. Since then, however, Supermassive Games struggled to release a horror game as universally beloved as its debut title.

Regardless, Supermassive Games fills an interactive horror niche no other company has. Even other interactive-drama studios like Don’t Nod of Life is Strange fame and Detroit: Become Human’s Quantic Dream don’t focus on horror like Supermassive Games. Nearly a decade after Until Dawn’s release, the studio finally taps into the classic horror movie trope of remakes.

Is there anything new in the Until Dawn remaster?

The Until Dawn Remake features new death scenes, locations, and story beats.

Supermassive Games revealed the Until Dawn Remake at the January 2024 PlayStation State of Play. The studio plans on rebuilding Until Dawn from the ground up on Unreal Engine 5. It also plans on new features, such as an enhanced third-person camera, upgraded visuals across the board, remixed sound design, and expanded on some of the original’s story.

Of course, the most essential thing for horror fans will be new death scenes and the Until Dawn remaster will seemingly add some. u/MattTheMLGPro on Reddit reveals screenshots of Jess and Sam. Their source claims the screenshots are evidence of a new death scene and playable segment. The death scene teased in the leak is for Jess, one of the hardest characters to keep alive in the original game.

Thanks to that fact, Jess also had one of the shortest playable segments in the game. The remake may expand her role in the story as more than just another traumatized victim. The leaker also revealed Sam in the screenshots, although only in her bath towel segments. 

Until Dawn remaster release date details

The Until Dawn Remake is set for a 2024 release, but it doesn’t have an exact release date confirmed.

Supermassive Games has two major releases planned for 2024. The Until Dawn Remake’s release date hasn’t been confirmed, but the original came out in August 2015. The likely release dates are either around that anniversary or perhaps a release closer to the Halloween season. The game is also already listed on Steam, so it’s possible a release may come sooner. 

The other major release will be Little Nightmares III. Unlike the two previous games, developed by Tarsier Studios, Supermassive Games will be the sole developer for the horror franchise’s third entry. Their experience as co-developers on the second game and work on the Little Big Planet series should quell some worries for fans.

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