Until Dawn reportedly getting a PC release, and it’s not alone

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Horror game Until Dawn has been a PlayStation 4 exclusive since its release in 2015 but a report suggests it’s coming to PC soon.

Until Dawn launched on August 25, 2015, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 to acclaim from critics and fans alike, but has not made its way to any other platform since. A leak suggests that the title developed by Supermassive Games is finally being ported.

Dealabs’ Billbil-kun, who previously scooped PlayStation on the PS5 Slim’s release date and recently reported on the next Death Stranding game, claimed that the official announcement for a remastered version of Until Dawn is coming soon. In addition to an estimated date for the announcement, the leaker also shared information on which platforms can expect Until Dawn’s polished version.

Will Until Dawn come to PC?

According to a prominent leaker, an upgraded version of Until Dawn is in development and will launch for PC and the PlayStation 5.

The Dealabs article estimated that the announcement for Until Dawn will come in the next 15 days, similar to the Death Stranding 2 announcement, which comes along reports of a State of Play showcase event in early February. Fans might also get more information on the upcoming single-player Dead by Daylight title during the assumed event, as they’re both under development by Supermassive Games. 

Billbil-kun stated that the game is getting a fidelity upgrade and its graphics will be improved by modern hardware. However, as of this moment, it’s unknown whether the new Until Dawn version is a remake or just a remaster. The name will continue to be simply “Until Dawn.”

The new Until Dawn version will also be released for the PS5, although it’s unknown if the PlayStation 5 and PC versions will be released simultaneously. The leaker claims that this new version of Until Dawn has been under development for at least a year.

Are other PlayStation exclusives coming to PC?

Horizon Forbidden West and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are both confirmed for a PC release.

The infamous Insomniac leak confirmed the upcoming Spider-Man 2 PC port and Horizon Forbidden West has its own dedicated Steam page. The company has already ported a number of major first-party releases including God of War 2016, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Marvel’s Spider-Man and all signs point to this continuing.

Until Dawn making the jump would continue this trend, but PlayStation and Supermassive Games have not confirmed the news.

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