Leak gives Persona 3 Reload, Metaphor ReFantazio Switch update

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The upcoming Persona 3 Reload and Metaphor: ReFantazio are coming to all consoles except the Nintendo Switch, but is there any hope of that changing?

Atlus is set to have an eventful 2024, as huge titles like Persona 3 Reload and the new IP Metaphor: ReFantazio are on the horizon. The two RPGs may be among the biggest games of 2024, but they’re not coming out on every platform. The official platform lineup of both games has been obfuscated by Microsoft and Sony to some degree, but everyone agrees on one thing; they’re not coming out on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo fans shouldn’t give up hope on playing these potential blockbusters. Atlus leaker, MbKKssTBhz5, who revealed Persona 3 Reload ahead of Atlus’ official announcement and then accurately leaked information on Persona 5 Tactica DLC, says that a Nintendo version is in the works. They replied to a tweet suggesting that Persona 3 Reload and Metaphor might skip the Nintendo Switch entirely and while they suggested that this is true, there’s hope for the next-gen Nintendo console.

Will Persona 3 Reload be on the Nintendo Switch?

Persona 3 Reload is not coming to the Nintendo Switch. While there were initial suggestions that this might be the case and retailers who took preorders on it, there was no indication of a Nintendo Switch version of the game and it seems like that’s unlikely to change.

This comes despite a number of recent Persona games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Persona 5 Tactica and Persona 5 Strikers both arrived on Switch at launch. Persona 4 Golden, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Persona 5 Royal, and Persona 3 Portable all received a Nintendo Switch release as well.

While Persona 3 Reload isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch, a leaker stated that the games will come out on the Nintendo Switch 2. Replying to a tweet talking about this interview, Atlus leaker MbKKssTBhz5 stated that Atlus didn’t develop a Switch version of Persona 3 Reload because the beloved Persona game remake will be “on the next Nintendo hardware.”

While it wasn’t made explicit, this likely stems from the increased specs of the hardware, but there isn’t any confirmation yet on how powerful the console will be. Analysts predict that the console will be generally similar to the existing Switch, but with better hardware.

Will Metaphor: ReFantazio be on the Nintendo Switch?

Metaphor: ReFantazio will not come to the Nintendo Switch at launch. Like Persona 3 Reload, the Atlus leaker claims it will get a release on the next Nintendo console. 

The news of Metaphor coming to the yet-unannounced Switch hardware is from the same leaker who gave information on Persona 3 Portable coming to the upcoming Switch successor.

It’s currently unknown when the Persona-inspired Metaphor ReFantazio will come to a Nintendo console or when the upcoming “Switch 2” will be announced. For now, Nintendo players looking forward to Atlus’ newest IP will have to either wait for an unknown amount of time or play the game on some other hardware.

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