Why Destiny’s Twitch ban appeal got instantly rejected


Streamer and political commentator Steven “Destiny” Bonnell will remain banned on Twitch after the purple platform rejects his second appeal.

Destiny’s Twitch presence was comparable to that of some of the top creators on the platform. With 700,000 followers, the streamer had built a large fanbase through his controversial podcasts and political commentaries. All of that came to an abrupt halt when Twitch issued its sixth and seemingly final ban in March 2022, resulting in Destiny being removed from the platform for good.

Following Nico “Sneako” De Ballinthazy’s recent unbanning on Twitch, Destiny took his shot. However, Twitch remains firm on its decision, further threatening a permanent ban.

“Attempting to evade restrictions on your account may result in additional penalties, up to and including indefinite suspension,” the email read.

Twitch rejects Destiny’s plea to unban the account

Destiny made his second attempt to appeal the ban and, once again, faced rejection. In November 2022, he lodged an appeal but received a swift rejection email, claiming it was the fastest he had ever been turned down via email.

His 2024 plea has no different outcome. Twitch says that Destiny’s account will remain suspended due to the violation of community guidelines. The platform is likely hinting at Nick Fuentes’ appearance on Destiny’s stream in 2022, who was a banned creator on the platform. He also generated a lot of controversy by vocally expressing his belief that transwomen should not be allowed to compete in sports against cis women.

Nick Fuentes and Destiny Twitch ban reason

However, since Destiny has been banned from the platform for over two years, so he may have expected to have his channel reinstated, but to no avail. This time, he captioned his tweet “converting to Islam,” likely throwing shade at fellow streamer Sneako, who was unbanned last week.

Although the streamers have opposing ideologies, they were both banned for similar reasons. Sneako’s borderline misogynistic content and affiliation with Andrew Tate resulted in his suspension, while Destiny is known for his controversial debates involving transgender athletes and problematic religious commentary.

Unlike Destiny, Sneako’s ban was cleared by Twitch. Therefore, his caption may be seen as an attack on Sneako, who got unbanned a year after converting to Islam, even though the conversion likely has nothing to do with the unban. In any case, Destiny’s comment section is filled with people drawing comparisons between two streamers and questioning Twitch’s verdict.

While Destiny remains banned on Twitch, his content remains unchanged on Kick and YouTube, where he has 103,000 and 792,000 subscribers, respectively.

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Written by Fariha Bhatti

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