Will Neff just joined the OTK Network, but why?

why did will neff join otk?

Will Neff has joined the popular streamer organization OTK Network and many are wondering why. 

OTK has had quite an eventful week, and not for good reasons. Before the drama with Mizkif and Mitch Jones but after the explosive blowout between Tectone and a number of Genshin Impact streamers, the company announced the signing of Will Neff as an official OTK member. Neff rose to Twitch fame with his game show Name Your Price, a modern twist on The Price Is Right. 

He also created Hey Donna, a variety show where Neff played a no-nonsense woman who gave dating advice. He also has a previous relationship with OTK, often collaborating with the organization and its members throughout his career. Neff finally signed a contract and joined the influencer group.

When did Will Neff join OTK?

OTK officially revealed Will Neff as its newest member on February 5, 2024.

The OTK Shareholders Meeting revealed the organization’s plans for 2024. On top of the Will Neff announcement, OTK teased a World of Warcraft esports events, the return of the OTK Games Expo, and a new show, “Always on Connected,” hosted by Extra Emily & Emiru.

In typical Neff fashion, his official announcement video on the OTK channel was a full-blown sketch. Neff immediately announced his first gig with the network; hosting the $10,000 Greenscreen Film Festival. Neff participated in past OTK events, so this will be familiar territory for him. 

Why did Will Neff join OTK?

Will Neff wants to use the resources available at OTK and collaborate with the organization’s stable of streamers and YouTubers. Joining agencies like OTK Network typically offers quick access to sponsorships and opportunities that may be difficult to come by independently.

Neff historically hasn’t had the best of luck with media groups. He stated in 2022 that he was fired from Buzzfeed despite a positive audience reception to his shows. Neff also felt the culture there was toxic, particularly his distant relationship with former Try Guys member Ned Fulmer.

He collaborated with the Try Guys multiple times and pitched a few projects. Neff said Fulmer was the person who got him hired by Buzzfeed. Neff said that after he left Buzzfeed, his friend and fellow streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker invited him to an influencer party. After crossing paths with Fulmer at the event, Neff realized that Fulmer didn’t recognize him. He was also part of the short-lived revival of G4TV before that went defunct in September 2022.

Neff is hoping for better luck at OTK Network.

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