Mitch Jones accuses Mizkif of assault, but is he telling the truth?

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Mitch Jones has accused prominent OTK streamer Mizkif of physically assaulting him.

Mitch Jones initially gained a following by streaming himself playing World of Warcraft PvP. However, his rise to fame primarily stems from his constant brushes with controversy. Throughout his lengthy career, Jones has received several Twitch bans for hateful conduct. Twitch revoked its partnership with Jones in 2019 before reinstating it in January 2024.

Following his reinstatement, Jones has immediately become embroiled in drama once again. He claims that Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, himself a popular streamer associated with the media organization OTK, assaulted Jones. Mizkif is no stranger to drama either, but an accusation of aggravated assault is something new. So what exactly happened?

Did Mizkif attack or assault Mitch Jones?

Mitch Jones has shown the apparent aftermath of an alleged attack and assault by Mizkif in a YouTube video. According to Jones, Mizkif assaulted Jones him to the point of unconsciousness months ago. He showed prominent bruises on his head as well as a chipped tooth. Strangulation marks were also present on his neck.

Although the injuries appear legitimate, Jones never shows the assault itself in the video, only its aftermath.

The footage shows Mizkif reprimanding Jones for the latter’s drinking and cocaine usage. Mizkif also claims in the footage that Jones pulled him out of the car and stated, “Let’s go.” Based on that footage, viewers speculated that there’s more to the supposed assault than meets the eye. Some believe that Jones instigated the fight and edited out the assault itself in fear it would make him look like the aggressor. 

After posting the video, Jones took to Twitter with a “final statement” about the alleged assault. He admits to being intoxicated and that there was a verbal argument that took place beforehand. Jones denies pulling Mizkif out of the car but refuses to release any more footage related to the incident. He states that he did not plan to pursue legal action but may still do so if necessary.

Has Mizkif responded to assault accusations by Mitch Jones?

Mizkif has not publicly responded to Mitch Jones accusing him of assault as of this writing. Although Mizkif had a scheduled upload on YouTube that went up after the accusatory video, neither Mizkif nor OTK have offered any official responses.

Given the weight of the accusation, OTK may be discussing the matter internally, or Mizkif may be engaging with lawyers on how to proceed. The organization previously investigated Mizkif for sexual assault allegations made against him, resulting in the streamer’s suspension at that time. Whether the same fate awaits him now remains to be seen. 

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