A new Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailer finally dropped, check it out

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After an extended wait, Bioware has finally given a small update on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf with a new trailer.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf was initially announced at The Game Awards in December 2018 but official news on the game has essentially been nonexistent, outside the confirmation of the title in 2022. The only news that has come out is reports of layoffs and turnover within Bioware, impacting the game’s development. But now, for Dragon Age Day, fans have something to actually look at.

A reveal trailer has come out for the game. Unfortunately it is essentially an “announcement of an upcoming announcement” in video form, but combine it with previous leaks related to a potential release window and some fans are speculating that they just might know when the next Dragon Age game will be coming out.

Where does Dragon Age: Dreadwolf take place?

The Dragon Age: Dreadwolf reveal trailer confirms the game will focus on the Anderfels, Antiva, and Rivian regions of Thedas.

A post was made on the game’s official website alongside the reveal trailer, giving more information on the regions. While previous entries in the Dragon Age series also took place on the same continent, Dreadwolf promises to show even more of Thedas.

The three regions revealed in the trailer are: 

  1. The Anderfels, a mountainous region
  2. Antiva, a canal-filled city with danger lurking in the shadows
  3. Rivain, a region full of greenery and seas

Artwork for all three of these regions has also been released and the implication is that the core story revolves around each of them. Aside from these regions, the blog also promises that more regions will be included in the game, which will be revealed to the fans later.

Rivain Dragon Age

“To celebrate DA Day, we’re sharing a look at a few of the in-game locations you’ll explore on this new adventure…The stage is set. The Dread Wolf is ready to make his move,” Dragon Age: Dreadwolfe director Corinne Busche said in a statement.

When will more information on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf come out?

More information on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will come out in Summer 2024, according to its reveal trailer.

Although the reveal trailer didn’t reveal much apart from giving glimpses of the locations the game will be set in, Bioware has confirmed that the full reveal will come next summer. Previous leaks indicated that the game will be released in 2024.

However, with the game being officially revealed in the middle of that year, it’s possible it could be released in 2025. Reports surrounding the Bioware layoffs indicated that the development of Dreadwolf had been impacted, which may have forced a change in plans.

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