Activision finally cracks down on aim assist abuse in CoD, Warzone

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Modern Warfare 3 is already out but Activision is finally rolling out a long-awaited change for Call of Duty games that will prevent mouse and keyboard players from using aim assist.

An update to Call of Duty anti-cheat system Ricochet brought new capabilities that can detect PC players with a keyboard and mouse using aim assist. The change has been implemented in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone. When detected, the game application will shut down completely and disconnect the suspected aim-assist abuser from the match. 

Aim assist while using controllers in Call of Duty has long been a touchy subject among high-level players and has led to bogus accusations of cheating on many occasions. This has been made even more difficult by hardware for consoles and software for PCs that allow aim assist to be used while playing on a mouse and keyboard. The clear edge of having twitch camera movements with a mouse combined with the aim assist of a controller helped some PC players perform better in Call of Duty games. That may be at an end.

Can aim assist with a mouse and keyboard lead to a ban in Call of Duty games?

Repeated use of third-party tools to enable aim assist with a mouse and keyboard can lead to a ban, according to Activision.

Call of Duty publisher Activision announced the changes on Twitter, discussing its push against this gray area of cheating in its games. The company has made efforts to stop hackers through humorous means in the past, though things haven’t stopped.

Previously, Splat was added to Richochet which disabled the parachutes of cheaters, leading them to fall to their demise in the game. The update also launched cheaters into the air automatically before disabling the parachute. Another update removed weapons completely for the cheaters and turned opponents invisible. The “hallucination” update bought fake players to disorient flagged cheaters.

This comes alongside similar moves to combat cheating by a number of other shooters. Valorant publisher Riot Games is adding its Vanguard anti-cheat software to its other games, while The Finals has been rolling out massive ban waves

Will using reWASD close Call of Duty?

Using reWASD to enable aim assist for the mouse and keyboard may result in the Call of Duty application being closed without warning.

Call of Duty players have historically used third-party tools like XIM and Cronus Zen to gain an advantage in the game. The tools reduce recoil and provide better aim assistance to gamers. The recent update, however, is specifically aimed at reWASD a popular gamepad mapping software.

The software makes a virtual controller that can be mapped to functions on a keyboard and mouse, fooling Call of Duty into recognizing controller input. The Season 1 Reloaded update is now live and while new anti-cheat measures are welcomed, some Warzone players are reporting game-breaking bugs.

One bug doesn’t let players enter the game getting stuck at “Fetching Online Profile,” and another freezes the game when interacting with load-outs. Because of that, players shouldn’t necessarily give a suspicious eye to any of their friends that complain about the game crashing.

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