AEW Fight Forever: Here’s how to unlock every mini-game

AEW Fight Forever baseball mini-game

One of the key differences between AEW Fight Forever and the WWE 2K series is the wacky mini-games players can unlock. Here’s how to get all of them.

AEW Fight Forever strives for an “arcade” look and feel to the game. There’s a debate to be had about whether the game pulls it off, but the area that really feels like it offers simple, wacky fun is mini-games. These can pop up along the way during the story mode, but can be unlocked and played freely.

As with most things in this game, getting new content is filtered through the Road to Elite story mode. Here’s how to unlock every mini-game in AEW Fight Forever.

How to unlock mini-games in AEW Fight Forever

Players can unlock mini-games in AEW Fight Forever by playing through Road to Elite several times over. While that sounds easy, this will likely prove to be an ordeal for players.

There are a total of 15 mini-games to unlock in AEW Fight Forever and players will only have a handful of them become unlockable each time they play through Road to Elite. This means that unlocking every mini-game will require multiple story mode playthroughs. Given the fact that players will also have to take specific actions to unlock Brody Lee and “The Big Show” Paul Wight, players will have to do a fair bit of grinding to unlock everything. The best way to handle this is by combining these playthroughs with building up custom wrestlers.

Alongside the 15 mini-games that can be unlocked during the game, there are four that are exclusively available via DLC. Two of the AEW Fight Forever DLC packs bundle two mini-games, and are packaged with two wrestlers.

All AEW Fight Forever mini-games

There are 15 mini-games in the base version of AEW Fight Forever alongside four DLC-exclusive mini-games. The full list of games included in the base version of the game includes:

  • AEW Pop Quiz
  • Bomb Hurl
  • Box Breaker
  • Chip Gather
  • Count ‘Em Up
  • Egg Hunt
  • Memory
  • Path Tracer
  • Penta Says
  • Pit Drop
  • Shida’s Slugfest
  • Spot the Difference
  • Steal the Show
  • Where’s Orange?
  • Who’s Missing?

The four DLC mini-games were split across two packs. The games and the packs they’re included in are as follows:

  • JoinUs (FTR Revival Pack)
  • Deth Race-X (FTR Revival Pack)
  • MJF Car Thrash (Limitless Bunny Bundle)
  • Sloth Sling (Limitless Bunny Bundle)

Though the first two DLC packs of the season had mini-games, the last one of the season will not. The Hookhausen Very Handsome Very Evil Pack only contains its two titular wrestlers, Hook and Danhausen. It’s unclear if there will be more than one DLC season for AEW Fight Forever. If more DLC comes out in the future, it could lead to more mini-games being added.

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