Beyond Good and Evil remaster leaked, but what about BGAE 2?

beyond good and evil 2 still coming out?

Beyond Good and Evil’s 20th Anniversary has just been confirmed with a teased release date, but Beyond Good and Evil 2 is another matter.

Beyond Good and Evil news has been sparse for the last couple of years. The 2003 classic was seemingly forgotten about after its initial release but a sequel was teased in 2008 with a trailer. In the decade that followed, several more trailers came out but no actual game or details about it ever did. Nothing has been mentioned about the game since 2018 and many in the industry regard it as vaporware due to its long stint in development hell.

While that’s still rough for fans, the good news is that Beyond Good and Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition was leaked to Ubisoft+ subscribers. The remaster was accidentally made available for some before being swiftly taken down.

What is the release date for Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition?

Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition will be coming out sometime in early 2024. It is also confirmed to be a remaster.

Leaks have been the norm for this port of the game. Its existence was first revealed by the ESRB in August when the organization created a publicly viewable listing. Now, a playable version was leaked by Ubisoft itself, teasing out the release date information.

The store listings for Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition were quickly taken down, but they revealed even more information than Ubisoft wanted. There isn’t really anything to work with for Beyond Good and Evil 2 hopefuls, though.

Beyond Good And Evil

Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition remaster adds new features

Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is set to add major graphical improvements and several quality-of-life improvements.

More details came out in the game’s description on the store page, which confirmed that it will feature the potential for 4K graphics and 60 FPS, vastly improving its visual quality. It also described the addition of many features such as improved controls and audio, and the additions of auto-save and cross-save.

Given the timing, it’s speculated by fans that the official announcement of Beyond Good and Evil’s 20th Anniversary edition will be during The Game Awards on December 7. While a remaster has been long awaited by fans of the cult classic, it still begs the question of whether or not the sequel will ever materialize. 

Does Beyond Good and Evil 2 have a release date?

Beyond Good and Evil 2 still has no release date, and likely won’t have one for a while. The departure of original game director Michel Ancel, as well as the sudden passing of creative director Emile Morel, are likely major reasons for the game’s complete lack of updates in the past few years.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 broke the unofficial record for the longest AAA game in development in 2022, going over the 15 years previously set by the infamous Duke Nukem Forever. Hopefully, the reveal of Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is proof that Ubisoft still has faith in the franchise’s future. The company still maintains a website for the game, which is a hint that it may still be serious about seeing its development through.

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