Call of Duty’s most hated operator skin returning to MW3

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The latest Season 1 Reloaded update on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has brought back the hated and sometimes-invisible Gaia operator skin.

The Gaia skin was removed from the game after players complained about its poor visibility in matches. The skin was available for Nova operator and was removed from selection in Call of Duty titles. First introduced in Season 6 of Modern Warfare 2, the skin gave players a lot of problems, especially on darker maps. Modern Warfare 3 lets players bring many of the skins they’ve previously unlocked to the new game, including the Gaia one.

The controversial skin has seen several changes. Sledgehammer Games implemented a quick fix in October to make it easily spottable in Modern Warfare 2. However, the skin became even more camouflaged when it debuted on Modern Warfare 3, leading to it being disabled once again. Sledgehammer Games has now restored the skin a couple of months after its removal. The skin comes with major changes to make it easier to see for the players.

Gaia Skin

Is the Gaia skin in Modern Warfare 3?

The Gaia operator skin is returning to Modern Warfare 3 after previously being disabled. It has been adjusted in a way that, hopefully, will remove the visibility issues that plagued the previous iteration.

The Gaia operator skin used to be partly transparent, making it hard to see on some maps and thus giving an advantage to players using it. The skin was removed from Call of Duty in November 2023 to adjust its visibility.

Players were pleased to see the skin “temporarily disabled” as it was very hard to spot on maps like Estate and Wasteland. Both Estate and Wasteland maps feature foliage and wooded areas which provide a perfect camouflage to the already bark-like skin of the Gaia skin. Camping in bushes or near shaded trees is used to make the skin practically impossible to spot. 

Frustrated Call of Duty players started calling the skin “Evil Groot” due to its resemblance to Marvel’s character. If the latest update works as intended, players might drop “evil” from the nickname.

Is the Gaia skin easy to see?

Yes, the revamped Gaia skin is less transparent and is significantly easy to spot, even in foliage. 

Sledgehammer Games took its time in restoring the skin but it seems it was worth it for the players. The Gaia skin is easier to see in the shade shadows as well, so at the very least it ought to be less troublesome. An operator skin was the least of Sledgehammer Games’ worries at launch, when its campaign was dubbed the worst ever and the game had various bugs and errors that needed to be handled

The Season 1 Reloaded also brings ranked play, a superhero-themed mode inspired by The Boys, and Rio map for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.

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