Everything known about the MTG x Marvel crossover

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Magic: The Gathering is set for one of its biggest and most controversial crossovers ever, teaming up with Marvel Comics.

There have been some big crossovers with Magic: The Gathering and many of them have garnered mixed reactions from fans. While some might bristle at superheroes being placed alongside planeswalkers, there’s no denying that Marvel is the biggest name attached to an MTG crossover to date.

That said, neither party gave much information regarding the collab. Here’s all the info there is on the Magic: The Gathering and Marvel crossover including its release date, what cards have been revealed, and what other wrinkles might be included.

When does the MTG x Marvel crossover start?

The Magic The Gathering x Marvel crossover sets will be released in 2025. No concrete release date has been confirmed nor how many sets will be released.

The announcement was met with a mixed reception and garnered thousands of dislikes on YouTube. Many fans claim that Magic the Gathering is “starting to feel like Fortnite” and straying further away from its fantasy roots. This follows other MTG crossovers that have ranged from Lord of the Rings to My Little Pony, and will precede other crossovers with Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed.

My Little Pony Mtg Box

With the announcement coming before the Lost Caverns of Ixalan release, some fans wondered if Wizards of the Coast had its priorities straight. On the other hand, some fans were cautiously optimistic or simply apathetic to the news, given that no real details were revealed in the initial announcement.

There is no indication that Marvel Snap will have any part in the Magic the Gathering x Marvel crossover.

Some fans find it strange that the crossover is even happening in the first place, given the existence of both Marvel Snap and Disney’s own trading card game, Lorcana. Still, given the reach that Magic: The Gathering has in the TCG space, it’s understandable why Marvel has confidence in the crossover.

Other MTG crossovers have garnered overwhelming attention. The Lord of the Rings crossover attracted mainstream media attention, with the search for the one-of-a-kind The One Ring card capturing the world’s attention. This crossover likely won’t have this gimmick, but Wizards of the Coast and Disney are undoubtedly hoping to conjure up something similarly special.

Are there any spoilers for the Magic: The Gathering x Marvel crossover?

There are no confirmed spoilers for the MTG x Marvel collab.

However, the teaser showcases Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer. It’s a safe bet that most of the iconic Avengers roster will be making their way into card form for the crossover. Various other popular characters from Marvel like Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Dr. Strange will likely make an appearance.

What is the best Magic: The Gathering x Marvel deck?

No cards have been revealed from the Magic: The Gathering x Marvel crossover, therefore it’s unknown what decks will be the best.

It’s unclear which characters will be rolled out as cards and what they might actually be capable of. The intent from Wizards of the Coast will likely be to have multiple viable decks, but executing on that vision has proven difficult. And of course, the “best deck” at any point changes based on new expansions and shifting strategies, so fans will likely have to figure out the most consistent approach over time.

Are there proxies in the Magic: The Gathering x Marvel crossover?

There’s no confirmation if some of these cards will be proxies.

For the unfamiliar, a proxy is a “stand-in” meant to represent a certain Magic: The Gathering card. For example, a crude drawing of a Black Lotus on cardboard could be a stand-in for the real Black Lotus card. Given how expensive the real deal is, proxies are pretty much necessary for unofficial games.

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