Fallout Season 2 is coming, will it take place in New Vegas?

Lucy MacLean from Fallout TV series

Prime Video’s Fallout TV show has garnered critical acclaim and continued the trend of fantastic video game adaptations in the modern era. The show has proven to be a breakout hit for Amazon, so it’s little surprise that the company quickly greenlit Fallout Season 2.

The Fallout TV series surprised veterans and newcomers with its dark comedy, stellar set design, and captivating story. Although a few hardcore fans griped over inconsistencies in the story that seemingly decanonized some games, Bethesda stressed that everything in the show and the games to this point are canon. 

Beloved figures from old Fallout games praised the show, like New Vegas lead designer Josh Sawyer and Fallout creator Tim Cain, rallied around the series and voiced their happiness with it. With the success of Fallout’s first season, a follow-up was inevitable, and fans didn’t have to wait long for the green light.

Will the Fallout TV series get a Season 2?

Amazon has renewed Fallout for a second season.

A week after the first season’s launch, Amazon quickly greenlit a second season of the post-apocalyptic epic. Amazon has not given a release date for Fallout Season 2. The quick approval likely means Amazon is confident in Fallout’s continued success.

In the era of good video game adaptations, it’s a testament to Fallout that it stood out even among its contemporaries like The Last of Us and Arcane. Plus, being set after Fallout 4 means the series doesn’t have to sneak its way into a rigid existing canon like Star Wars: Rogue One had to.

It also meant the series could directly lead into Fallout 5 in the future, though that’s a ways away as Bethesda will be whittling away at The Elder Scrolls 6 for years to come. The company has instead sparked a renewed advertising push for Fallout 76, which continues to receive regular updates. In the meantime, fans are speculating about Fallout Season 2’s story.

Will Fallout Season 2 take place in New Vegas?

Fallout Season 2 will likely take place in New Vegas. After Hank MacLean escapes from the ruins of Shady Sands, Cooper and Lucy chase him to the Mojave Desert. The Season 1 finale deliberately shows the cityscape of New Vegas in its final shot, which practically confirms it for Season 2.  

The end credits even take the camera along the New Vegas Strip. Details like the darkened Lucky 38 and a fallen NCR Vertibird hint that New Vegas has fallen on hard times. Lore buffs are already debating which New Vegas ending Fallout Season 2 will canonize. Mr. House’s presence in a flashback during the finale could hint at an ending where he lives. Either way, fans wait excitedly for more news about Fallout’s second season. 

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