Is a MediEvil 2 remake on the way? Here’s what we know

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A leaker states that Other Ocean Interactive, the developer of the 2019 MediEvil remake, is set to release a remake for MediEvil 2 in May 2024 but is this actually true?

The hack-and-slash action-adventure MediEvil series has been a PlayStation exclusive since the first game came out in 1999. The first two games came out for the PlayStation and the third was released for the PlayStation Portable before the series went dormant. The 2019 remake of the first game brought the MediEvil name to modern consoles.

Half a decade removed from that release, a leaker claimed that the same studio was set to work on another remake in the series. This included an estimated release window for the game. Unfortunately, while the claim was met with excitement, it’s admittedly false.

Are they making a MediEvil 2 remake?

There is no indication that a MediEvil 2 remake is in the works.

A leaker claimed developer Other Ocean is working on a remake of the 2000 title MediEvil 2. Neither Sony nor Other Ocean have indicated that the remake is in development. MediEvil 2 was released in 2000 and has been stranded on the original PlayStation console since.

Discord user and leaker Orangee, who leaked information about the Gravity Rush movie project in the past, stated that the developer of the first game’s remake was working on remaking MediEvil 2. Unfortunately, he later admitted that this isn’t the case and that he and other users were simply “writing on the server about what games [they] would like to see at the showcase.”

While the 2019 MediEvil was initially announced as a remaster, it was later revealed to be a ground-up remake with enhanced visuals. The game also had elements absent in the original release, suggesting the MediEvil 2 remake may be similar.

Will there ever be a new MediEvil game?

Sony hasn’t indicated that anything new is coming to the MediEvil series, whether it’s a remake of MediEvil 2 or anything else. There’s still a slate of big PlayStation releases coming, however.

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb has stated that a PlayStation promotional event will take place in May. It’s unknown what the size and scope of the event will be, but it coincides with notable games popping up in the news cycle including word of a new Mafia game and the reveal of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.

Sony has downplayed its slate of first-party games coming in 2024, so it will likely lean heavily on third-party releases. There’s no event officially confirmed for May however, so fans will have to sit tight to find out what they’ll be playing instead of a revived MediEvil.

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