Fandy banned from Twitch – What we know and how long ban is for

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Twitch streamer Fandy has been banned from the platform and fans are scratching their head over why, and wondering how long the ban is set to last for.

Twitch streamer bans are always a contentious topic. Fans gripe over whether a ban was warranted and whether a ban’s length was justified. Twitch also seems to struggle with this too, as the platform is wildly inconsistent. The latest example of this is Fandy, who is off the platform.

Fans are scratching their heads over the matter, even as Fandy brushes off her account being deactivated for a time. But why was she banned and how long is she going to be gone for?

Why was Fandy banned from Twitch?

It is unknown why Fandy received a ban from Twitch and neither Fandy nor Twitch have given an explanation.

Fandy’s ban came on July 9, a day after a six-hour broadcast entitled “LA Adventures” where she traveled to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in Los Angeles, California. She was alongside streamers Stasia and Adamax21. Adamax21 streamed alongside Fandy for part of the broadcast, but has not been banned alongside her.

Twitch has not given an explanation on the ban beyond the generic “this channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service” notification that appears on a banned channel. Fandy has also been vague regarding why she received a ban from Twitch. She joked about the matter on Twitter, showing no signs of worry over the matter.

The ban was generally met with criticism from followers, pointing to the lack of punishment for other streamers who have made problematic comments on-air.

How long is Fandy banned from Twitch for?

The length of Fandy’s Twitch ban is unclear, but it’s not permanent.

While Twitch’s generic “this channel is temporarily unavailable” notification doesn’t offer much information, the word “temporarily” carries a great deal of weight. Permanently banned channels have a notification that says content is “currently” unavailable instead of “temporarily,” as is the case with Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm and Steven “destiny” Bonnell who are both seemingly off the platform for good.

Exact details are unclear but anywhere from one to seven days is the norm. This is Fandy’s first ban from Twitch in several years on the platform. Depending on what, exactly, led to the ban, it’s possible that some leniency will be shown.

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