FF14 x FF16 crossover event release date details revealed, finally

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Square Enix has announced an estimated release date for the FF14 x FF16 crossover event that will bring Clive Rosfield into Hydaelyn. 

Details on the long-awaited crossover between Final Fantasy’s enormously popular MMORPG and its popular 2023 single-player title have finally been revealed. Final Fantasy 16 arriving in Final Fantasy 14 was first teased during the Las Vegas Final Fantasy Fest in July 2023, but won’t actually happen until almost a year later. 

The event comes as Square Enix looks to boost the visibility of both games. The company did an about-face on its post-release content plans and has been releasing Final Fantasy 16 DLC despite initial indications that the game would be complete upon release. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 14 has a new expansion looming on the horizon.

FF14 x FF16 crossover event dates, quest rewards

The FF14 x FF16 crossover event is set to begin in early April. No exact release date has been confirmed. Final Fantasy 14 producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned that the current release date could shift as April approaches.

The event takes place within FF14, where players will team up with FF16 protagonist Clive Rosfield for the new exclusive “The Path Infernal” quest. This crossover quest will task players with helping Clive battle FF16’s Eikons in intense fights. The trailer shows a player using one of Clive’s skills during a battle with FF16’s version of Ifrit, as Clive fights alongside them.

It’s not yet clear how Clive will be rolled out in the game and how many of his abilities will be usable. Players may also wind up facing more than just Ifrit during the event.

The Path Infernal quest in FF14 will reward players who complete it with items pulled from FF16 including Clive’s mid-game outfit as glamour, the Torgal mount, and the wolf pup minion. 

The FF14 and FF16 crossover will be among the final major events before Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail is released. Dawntrail is targeted to be released in summer 2024. This upcoming expansion is jam-packed with new playable races, classes, quests, and more.

FF14 is available to play across several platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. By the time the event releases, the Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X/S beta test will also have started. It is scheduled for February.

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