Here’s how Valorant crossplay works between PS5, Xbox, and PC

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Valorant’s coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, and players are trying to figure out whether the popular FPS will have crossplay and whether it will also be compatible with PC.

Riot Games announced that Valorant’s console release was right around the corner at Summer Game Fest 2024. Since then, players have been full of questions about the technicalities of the console version of the game. Part of this includes crossplay.

While many shooters have crossplay enabled across all platforms, essentially every game has a different approach. There’s no real mystery about how Valorant will handle things, though. Riot Games has already addressed what its plans for crossplay are, and fans may be split on the answer. 

Will Valorant have PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC crossplay?

Valorant will have limited crossplay, letting console players play together while keeping PC players separate.

Valorant’s crossplay will run between PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles only. They’ll be able to compete against each other in all modes of play, including ranked matchmaking when it releases in Patch 9.0. 

According to Riot Games, this limited crossplay is in the “spirit of fair play.” There’s always a debate in FPS communities about whether mouse and keyboard or controllers with aim assist are better. While this is, on some level, down to player preference, game mechanics also play a significant part in the conversation. This may be Riot’s way of saying that the two just can’t compete against each other in its game.

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Previous data mines of Valorant suggested that all platforms, including unreleased ones, were set to be separate. The only exceptions were PC, Linux, and MacOS crossplay on desktop computers and Android and iOS crossplay for Valorant Mobile. This changed during development and now, it’s safe to assume that any Nintendo-based port that comes out will also have crossplay with PS5 and Xbox.

Additionally, players have had years to get good at Valorant on mouse and keyboard. As controller and console play will be brand-new, it wouldn’t be fair to throw them against veteran players. 

Will crossplay ever happen for PC players?

There’s nothing to suggest that PC players will ever be able to play with console players. 

Riot prides itself on the competitive nature of its games. The decision on limited Valorant crossplay between the PS5, Xbox, and PC versions comes directly from that.

Since limited crossplay is in the interest of competitive gaming, PC players will probably never play with consoles at a ranked level. While it wouldn’t be unheard of, as Apex Legends and Fortnite both have PC and console crossplay, this may not come any time soon, if ever. Who knows what kind of crossplay options Riot may add when Valorant Mobile enters the scene?

Signing up for the console beta test is easy, and accepted players can invite a few friends to join.

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