Here’s the location of Flame, Grant Me Strength in Elden Ring

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Flame, Grant Me Strength is one of the most helpful incantations in Elden Ring and players don’t have to wait long to get it, with a location that’s quite close to the starting area.

Elden Ring offers broad freedom with builds, whether they be strength-focused ones with colossal weapons or ones focusing on dexterity-scaling swords. While various buffs let players take their builds to the next level, most of the strongest weapons and spells are unavailable until the late game. One of the few exceptions to this rule is Flame, Grant Me Strength, a spell players can get early on and use all the way until the end of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

Flame, Grant Me Strength is one of the most common support spells in Elden Ring. Fortunately, it can be acquired as soon as the player starts the game and isn’t locked behind an enemy.

Getting Flame, Grant Me Strength in Elden Ring

Flame, Grant Me Strength location in Elden Ring

Flame, Grant Me Strength is found behind Fort Gael in western Caelid and is guarded by two Flame Chariots.

While Flame, Grant Me Strength doesn’t require players to defeat any enemy to get it, it’s still in the dangerous region of Caelid. Players must journey to Fort Gael, found south of the border crossing between Limgrave and Caelid. The fort overlooks a cliff and is guarded by multiple Radahn soldiers and Redmane knights.

Flame, Grant Me Strength location in Elden Ring

Run past or defeat the soldiers and go toward the fort’s entrance. Regardless of whether the gate is open or closed, the player should run past the entrance and get on the wooden platform. From there, follow the path circling the fort until reaching the rocks overlooking two Flame Chariots.

Flame, Grant Me Strength can be picked up by interacting with the corpse leaning on the fort’s wall. Players don’t have to stop to fight and can just get on Torrent to quickly grab the Fire Monk Incantation.

How to use Flame, Grant Me Strength in Elden Ring

The Flame, Grant Me Strength incantation requires the player to have at least 15 faith and a Sacred Seal weapon.

The low faith requirement means most players likely won’t need to respec to use Flame, Grant Me Strength. The Two Fingers Heirloom talisman players can find in the Purified Ruins of Southeast Liurnia of the Lakes can help meet the requirement by increasing the Faith stat by 5.

Flame, Grant Me Strength description in Elden Ring

The incantation increases physical and fire-affinity attack power by 20% for 30 seconds. The Old Lord’s Talisman found in Crumbling Farum Azula increases the spell’s duration by 9 seconds, and the physical damage increase also applies to physical spells and incantations.

As Flame, Grant Me Strength is a body buff it doesn’t stack with other buffs of the same kind. Elden Ring players and streamers like Kai Cenat usually stack the incantation with Golden Vow, before they start a boss battle. However, Flame, Grant Me Strength can’t be stacked with Ash of War: Golden Vow, dropped by a knight above the Deathtouched Catacombs.

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