Here’s what’s coming in GTA Online’s huge December update

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Fans of GTA Online are getting a holiday treat for this December update featuring drift races, animals, and festive missions for robbing season. 

GTA Online continues to be a cash cow for Rockstar Games and with the December update, it’s clear the studio has no plans of abandoning this online world anytime soon. The holiday update promises tons of new content for fans to enjoy. This includes some additions that fans have long been expecting.

With the upcoming reveal for the highly anticipated GTA 6 and the re-release of classic GTA games looming, it’s clear that there are still plans to keep GTA Online alive for some time. With all the hype surrounding Rockstar at the moment, it makes perfect sense for the studio to capitalize with a sizable update for loyal fans of GTA Online.

Drift racing, animals are finally coming to GTA Online

The GTA Online December update is set to add a number of features including drag races and animals that appear in freemode.

Racing missions have been a staple of the GTA experience, and drifting adds a whole new layer of complexity for players. The new Drift Races Series gives select vehicles new drifting modifications that will test a GTA Online player’s skill on the track. These drifting mods can be tuned by the players as well in freemode.

While the single-player campaign for GTA V featured wildlife, GTA Online was strangely devoid of life. With the December content update, animals will start appearing in GTA Online on certain platforms.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players, as well as PC players running sufficiently powerful hardware will start seeing animals in the wild while in freemode. This feature will not be available on older PCs and past-gen consoles. Xbox Series X and PS5 players will have access to the Vinewood Club Garage, a new vehicle storage facility with a capacity of over 100 vehicles. The Vinewood Club Garage seemingly won’t be available on PC, Xbox Series S, or any past-gen consoles.

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What are the new missions in GTA Online’s December update?

There will be a series of Vehicle Robbery missions given by a returning Yusuf Amir.

Given that the name of the game is “Grand Theft Auto,” the December update is getting back to basics with the GTA Online mission system. Players can sell exotic cars to Yusuf for cash, or salvage them for custom parts. 

The December update will also feature holiday-themed modes, music, and other quality-of-life updates throughout the season. It looks like Christmas has come early for GTA fans and it’s a solid consolation prize for those who missed out on the Ghostbusters-themed Halloween event.

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