Here’s when Switch 2 games, hardware will start being revealed

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With the Nintendo Switch 2 officially confirmed, the focus is turning to what the rollout will be like, when games will start getting announced, and when the hardware will officially be revealed.

Video games media and notable leakers were proven right once again on May 7. There’s been a vocal segment of Nintendo fans who have paradoxically believed Nintendo executives’ official line that the company wasn’t making any new consoles, cheerleading the idea of their favorite video game company effectively saying it was done in the industry. Now, after six months of reports, Nintendo officially confirmed the Switch 2 and stated that it will come out within its next fiscal year.

While many of the details regarding the Switch 2 have come out through cyberattacks and court documents, the official reveal still hasn’t happened. A YouTuber who was among those who accurately reported information regarding the upcoming console gave a timeline for upcoming reveals including the console itself and game reveals.

When will the Nintendo Switch 2 be officially revealed?

The Switch 2 will likely be officially revealed in the fall, around six months before it is officially released.

While Nintendo confirmed that its next-generation console will be revealed within the next fiscal year, it didn’t actually show off the console or give an actual release date. That won’t be coming until the fall, according to YouTuber Pedro Henrique “tvPH” Lutti Lippe who predicted much about what has been revealed on the console.

Specifically, they report that the Switch 2’s reveal will happen between September and November 2024. This is similar to what happened with the original Nintendo Switch, and they also expect that its release date will be similar.

When will Switch 2 games start getting confirmed?

Nintendo Switch 2 games will reportedly start getting announced or confirmed in June 2024. These won’t be Nintendo games but instead will be multiplatform titles targeting the Switch 2.

tvPH did not give any specific games to expect, but games media and leakers who cover specific publishers have long discussed games for Xbox and PlayStation consoles that will be ported to the Nintendo Switch 2.

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The Nintendo Switch was officially confirmed to be one of the top-selling video game consoles of all time by the company. While many publishers wanted to tap into that enormous market, few have been able to because the Switch hardware is unable to handle most modern games without extensive development effort. The likely hardware improvement of the Switch 2 will likely allow it to run numerous games that were previously out of reach.

Leakers have already pegged games like Persona 3 Reload and the upcoming Metaphor: ReFantazio as being locks for the Switch 2. Other games that received multi-platform releases that encompassed PS4 and Xbox One are also speculatively possible. Titles like Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Armored Core 6, and Lies of P are all potential candidates.

When will the Switch 2 be released?

The Switch 2 is reportedly coming out in March 2025 according to numerous reports.

Nintendo’s tweet was extremely safe, saying the console will be revealed within the next fiscal year. The actual release date for the console will reportedly fall within the fiscal year, according to reputable outlets across numerous industries.

The most notable report came from the Nikkei, the world’s largest business newspaper. tvPH was the first to report that the Switch 2 was set for an early 2025 release after previous reports that it would come out in late 2024. His story was later corroborated by Eurogamer.

The wording of Nintendo’s tweet affords the company plenty of wiggle room, should things go awry. The global supply chain for tech manufacturing is still sub-optimal, with prices high and climbing in some cases. The move from 2024 to 2025 was also reportedly in part due to Nintendo wanting a strong slate of launch titles, and delays can happen at any point.

Either way, expect official news regarding the next Nintendo console to start coming out on a regular basis.

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