How to get maximum free ZZZ character pulls

Zenless Zone Zero Character Ultimate

To celebrate the launch, ZZZ is giving players more than 100 free pulls for simply playing the game. 

Zenless Zone Zero is another gacha game by HoYoverse, the makers of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. According to gacha tradition, players perform pulls to obtain high-quality upgrade materials, weapons, and new characters. Usually, pulling banners requires premium currency or plenty of grinding to gain resources. However, ZZZ players can get up to 180 pulls thanks to the launch events. The pulls have the potential of granting players some highly rated characters as well as weapons. 

ZZZ players who plan to reroll should start now to take maximum advantage of all those free pulls.

How to get free ZZZ pulls 

The free ZZZ pulls are split into two categories. The first 100 pulls can summon new characters and weapon banners. The remaining 80 pulls are to be used for the Bangboo banner. 

ZZZ free character Ellen pulls screen

ZZZ’s 100 free character pulls are split into Polychrome, Master Tapes, and Encrypted Master Tapes. Here’s how to get all of them for free.

Polychrome – 1,600

  • The Road to Proxy Greatness event grants 1,600 Polychrome when players reach Inter-Knot Level 30

Master Tape – 70

  • 20 Master Tapes are given as pre-registration rewards through the Mail. Players who didn’t pre-register will miss out on these
  • Cunning Generosity gives 10 Master Tapes
  • The Road to Proxy Greatness event gives 40 Master Tapes when players reach Inter-Knot Level 25

Encrypted Master Tape – 20

  • Logging in for seven days during the launch period for Version 1.0 of ZZZ will give you 10 Encrypted Master Tapes for free pulls from the New City Visitor’s Passport event
  • The Sixth Street Giveaway starting July 11 will give 10 Encrypted Master Tapes for seven days of logging in

How to get free Bangboo pulls in ZZZ

Bangboo can be pulled in ZZZ using Boopon, a dedicated currency. Unlike Battery Charge or Polychrome, Boopon cannot be purchased with real money, so getting these free pulls is essential for free-to-play and premium players. 

Boopon 80 

  • 5 Boopon is given to players who pre-registered via Mail
  • The Road to Proxy Greatness event gives 65 Boopon when the player reaches Inter-Knot Level 30
  • Log in for seven days in Zenless Zone Zero Version 1.0 to gain 10 Boopon from the “Eh-Nah” Into Your Lap event, which starts July 24
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