Kaceytron banned from Twitch, was Asmongold the reason why?


Long-time Twitch streamer Kaceytron has been banned from the platform, and her fans are buzzing as to the reason why.

Kaceytron is no stranger to controversy. Over the years, the streamer has courted quite a bit of across social media. Some of her most prominent recent controversy has involved Asmongold, one of her most popular streaming peers on Twitch. Could that be the reason for this latest ban? And if not, what else would explain it?

Why did Twitch ban Kaceytron?

Twich is unlikely to directly explain its decision to ban Kaceytron, as the streaming platform has a long-established history of not disclosing the reasons behind most of its bans. This leaves fans in the unfortunate position of having to guess as the reasons behind their favorite streamers being banned from the livestreaming platform.

One possibility is that Kaceytron might have been banned on Twitch for actions away from the platform. Kaceyton actively engages with community drama on X, formerly known as Twitter, and this included a recent episode in which the veteran streamer seemed to endorse the idea that Asmongold might have been at least partially to blame for the passing of his mother.

Predictably, this did not go over well with Asmongold’s many fans. The incident came to light roughly one week prior to the ban however, so it may not be directly related.

This also isn’t Kaceytron’s only run-in with another prominent streamer. She has had past disputes with Destiny, another streamer known to weigh in on livestreaming drama. That’s in addition to her frequent jabs thrown via social media at a variety of targets. Decoding whether any of those exchanges could have played a role in her latest ban is a difficult task at best.

Despite her tendency towards commenting on streamer dramatics, this is only Kaceytron’s third ban on the platform. The previous ban was handed down in 2023 and lasted for just two days. As is often the case, Twitch did not give a formal reasoning for the ban, but it may have been related to her playing a variety of copyrighted movies and shows during her streams.

This latest ban may very well last for longer than the two days Twitch last banned Kaceytron for. Her first ban lasted for 10 days in 2020, and depending on what exactly it was that got her banned this time around, her latest suspension could last for even longer than that.

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