Why Asmongold streams on a second account, and is a third next?

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Asmongold has taken a unique approach to streaming by juggling two accounts at once, but the success of his second channel may see him start up a third.

Asmongold initially garnered popularity among fans with his World of Warcraft content, but he has branched out in many ways since those early days. Alongside playing various other MMORPGs like New World and Final Fantasy 14, many tune in to see his reaction content, something that has seen Asmongold called out in the past. He is also partnered with the massive OTK Network of streamers while juggling other endeavors.

Fans have been wondering why doesn’t use his main account, and he has provided an answer for it. The trouble is that the success of his second account may actually force Asmongold into creating a third channel. 

Why does Asmongold stream on a second channel?

Asmongold made his second streaming channel, called zackrawrr, because using his main streaming account “stresses him out.”

He abandoned his first Twitch channel in July 2022 in favor of a second account called zackrawrr, which has 1.8 million followers compared to his original channel’s 3.5 million. While his second account has about half as many followers as his first one, the streamer shows no signs of wanting to return to his old account as he insists that the larger following causes him stress.

Asmongold hasn’t given any specific details about the nature of his stress or why he feels the way he does about his first account, but that backup account is evidently a better experience for him 

In addition to playing the games he wants on that channel, Zack frequently gives his two cents about happenings in the gaming and streaming industries at large. With a more lax setting, the streamer has also gone on-stream without a webcam to play games like World of Warcraft without personally addressing the community. 

Will Asmongold make a third streaming account?

Asmongold has not announced any plans to make a third streaming account, but it could end up happening.

Fans of Asmongold have for some time predicted that the streamer would make a third channel to again get away from the “stress” of streaming to a large following, particularly as he regularly finds himself embroiled in controversy.

While he has joked about creating a third channel in the past, it may end up becoming a reality. In July 2024, Asmongold discussed the growth of the zackrawrr channel. He stated that Twitch may end up forcing his channel to become partnered to have greater control over the ads served on his channel.

It’s unclear whether Asmongold was serious or simply speculating. Twitch has reason to take this step, as zackrawrr is ranked among the most popular channels in terms of following, watch times, and other metrics. That said, even if Twitch did force the zackrawrr account into partner status, it’s unclear whether he would actually decide to start a third channel in response.

While the zackrawrr account has grown a big fanbase in its own right, making a third channel would likely just repeat the cycle as his active followers will eventually move there. For a change of pace, he would likely need to move to a different streaming platform altogether, such as YouTube or Kick.

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