Marvel’s Blade: Get a 1st look at the game’s world, visual style

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Arkane Lyon has given fans a new look at the upcoming Marvel’s Blade with the release of some of the game’s concept art.

Marvel’s Blade was one of the most exciting reveals at The Game Awards 2023. Fans have been pining for more media based on the iconic vampire slayer for years. Many hoped Blade would be developed by Insomniac Games, creators of the Marvel’s Spider-Man series, but Bethesda Softworks parent company ZeniMax picked up the license instead and tasked Arkane Lyon with creating a game based on the character.

There were some initial concerns about Arkane’s attachment to the project from some fans. Arkane’s last vampire-focused game, Redfall, was a blow to both Bethesda and Xbox for its various issues and poor reception. However, it’s important to note that Arkane has two branches, Lyon and Austin. Austin was the newer studio while Lyon was the established branch that developed the likes of Dishonored and Deathloop. Fans are hoping that these titles foretell success for the next big licensed game.

What is the story of the Marvel’s Blade game?

Marvel’s Blade takes place in a dystopian future version of Paris.

Arkane Lyon’s art director Sebastien Mitton revealed some stunning concept art for Marvel’s Blade. Immediately striking was the brutalist feel of the painting, with its massive buildings, pillars of smoke, and sleek airships policing the skyline.

The aesthetic is in line with Arkane Lyon’s art direction for Deathloop. There’s a sleazy but undeniable beauty in the dark streets of Paris, with its stark blacks and striking neon accents. Blade’s appearance is also quite similar to his appearance in the movies, resembling the crop-cut Wesley Snipes that fans know and love. 

How long has Marvel’s Blade been in development? 

It is unknown how far into development Marvel’s Blade is right now. However, Arkane Lyon has open positions that could be for Marvel’s Blade. Mitton’s post on social media also included a link to ZeniMax Media’s job board, further supporting the idea the game is deep into development but not necessarily close to release. 

Art direction has long been regarded as one of Arkane’s strengths. Fans of Dishonored will likely find the aesthetic for Marvel’s Blade quite familiar. The dystopian punk stylings of Arkane are a perfect fit for the counter-culture stories that Blade has always reveled in. Hopefully, Marvel’s Blade doesn’t take as long to come out as The Elder Scrolls 6.

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