New Star Wars Jedi accidentally confirmed after cancelation fears

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After months of uncertainty, it has seemingly been confirmed that the Star Wars Jedi series is not canceled, and will have a new title after Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor enjoyed major commercial success, and went down as the ninth-best-selling game of 2023 according to analysts. Despite that, the aftermath of the game’s launch was defined by fear over the series’ future as director Stig Asmussen left Respawn Entertainment and EA Games as a whole. With EA and Disney’s exclusive partnership for Star Wars games ending and numerous publishers rolling out their own AAA adaptations of the franchise, fans of Cal Kestis had cause for concern that his story wasn’t going to see its natural conclusion.

Though there hasn’t been any sort of splashy announcement, Respawn Entertainment effectively confirmed that a third installment in the series is coming. A job listing on LinkedIn gave fans the news in a surprising but welcome fashion.

Cal Kestis Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Will there be a new Star Wars Jedi game?

A job listing from Respawn Entertainment confirmed that the studio is working on a new Star Wars Jedi game.

In a LinkedIn post, the studio said it is seeking applicants “for a Senior Game Writer to join the narrative team on an unannounced Star Wars title.” Despite saying that the game was unannounced, the title for the listing explicitly states that it is for a Star Wars Jedi game. No other details were given.

From a narrative perspective, a third installment in the series was seemingly assured. The ending to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor sets up the next game in the series, with the heroes poised to make another push against the Empire and to continue rebuilding a new Jedi Order. Publicly, a third game was expected as Asmussen told IGN ahead of Survivor’s launch that he planned to have the series be a trilogy.

The departure of Asmussen, layoffs at Respawn Entertainment, and cancellation of other Star Wars games at Respawn made it easy to wonder whether this game had also been canned. Thankfully for fans, this isn’t the case.

When will the next Star Wars Jedi game come out?

There’s no word on when a new Star Wars Jedi game will be released.

Though the job listing was for a senior writer for the Star Wars Jedi series, no information was given on this new game in the series. It’s unclear how far along the game is in its development and it may not have entered pre-production yet.

Though Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was one of 2023’s best-selling games, Respawn Entertainment has irons in multiple fires. EA previously announced that Respawn had three Star Wars games in the works including the next Star Wars Jedi game, a first-person shooter, and a strategy game. The FPS was reportedly canceled in February amid layoffs at EA Games. There were also reports of the studio working on a new game related to the Titanfall series, though this hasn’t been confirmed by EA or Respawn. All of this comes alongside maintaining Apex Legends.

While nothing is certain during this shaky stretch across the gaming industry, fans who were invested in seeing the end of Cal’s story can rest a bit easier.

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