OnlyFangs clears WoW Classic Hardcore raid, but what’s next?

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OnlyFangs, a guild full of popular Twitch and YouTube streamers, just cleared the endgame raid Molten Core in World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore.

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris started OnlyFangs to bring more attention to World of Warcraft Classic’ Hardcore servers. Hardcore has long been a popular community playstyle where a player must delete their character if they die even once, something the new “permadeath” servers make official. By uniting popular streamers in OnlyFangs, Sodapoppin’ has successfully put WoW Classic back on top of Twitch charts.

OnlyFangs’ goal was to bring the streamers together for a level-60 raid, an epic event with months of build. The guild’s endgame was WoW Classic’s Molten Core raid, which it handled in impressive fashion.

Did anyone in OnlyFangs die?

OnlyFangs completed the level-60 Molten Core raid in WoW Classic without losing a single player.

Of course, things didn’t go perfectly throughout the entire project. OnlyFangs weathered 127 deaths during the leveling-up process, leading many to wonder if they’d ever get to endgame raids, let alone clear them.

Despite this rocky start, the actual Molten Core raid went off without a hitch, and not a single death for the entire run. Considering many fans feared the guild would fall apart before it truly began, this flawless victory is all the more impressive. The big question now is what comes next.

Will OnlyFangs disband after clearing the raid?

It is unclear whether OnlyFangs will disband, but clearing Molten Core means their primary objective has been accomplished.

There hasn’t been any sort of official announcement of OnlyFangs’ future and questions have long lingered about whether a sufficient number of notable creators can indefinitely continue playing WoW Classic. By clearing Molten Core, OnlyFangs has already met the primary goal it set for itself, so the guild is at a crossroad.

Furthermore, Sodapoppin’ has famously refused to pull any punches while managing the guild, removing anyone not performing to his standards, regardless of their popularity. This zero-tolerance policy has generated its fair share of controversy in the guild, making it unclear if there’s enough group cohesion for OnlyFangs to continue.

The guild could hypothetically continue indefinitely by simply starting over and replacing any members that opt out, or the time and energy investment could be too much for its biggest names. The raid may have been such a success that the OTK Network insists on a second “season” or the juice may not have been worth the squeeze for the content creators.

While its future may be unclear, what is certain is that OnlyFangs has reignited interest in WoW Classic streaming content.

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