Rockstar reportedly working on new medieval game after GTA 6

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Rockstar Games might be working on a brand-new, medieval-themed IP set to release after the upcoming GTA 6.

Rockstar Games is best known for its Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto series, with Grand Theft Auto 6 set to be one of 2025’s biggest launches. While Rockstar hasn’t introduced a new IP since the 2011 detective-based adventure game L.A. Noire, recent findings hint that it might be working on a new IP.

This comes from Budzcario, a data miner and leaker who specializes in Rockstar Games. According to him, the studio is working on a new, medieval IP that is codenamed Project Ethos or Project Medieval, a game that could be “a new route for Rockstar.”

What is Rockstar’s new IP?

Rockstar is reportedly working on a new medieval IP called Project Ethos or Project Medival. The data miner claims Rockstar is getting help from a “hugely popular developer” for this title.

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, applied for a handful of trademarks in October 2023 and Project Ethos was among them. There hasn’t been any confirmation or hints from Take-Two or Rockstar that a new IP of any kind is in development, nor on any sort of medieval-themed project.

Instead of the usual gun combat that Rockstar is known for, the upcoming game will have an emphasis on swords, with the combat including other similar weapons like crossbows and war hammers. Rockstar’s long history with open-world games combined with the medieval theming hearkens to other games of this ilk including The Witcher 3 and The Elder Scrolls series.

Regardless, news of Rockstar branching out has been warmly received. The company has been criticized over recent years for seemingly focusing all its development effort on porting its back catalog of games and releasing updates to Grand Theft Auto Online. Though in reality the company has been making GTA 6 during this time, the ports have been panned by both fans and critics for bugs and performance issues.

When is the new Rockstar medieval IP coming out?

The new Rockstar medieval IP will likely be released after 2025. The upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to be released in 2025, and Rockstar usually doesn’t release more than one game in the same year. A new IP from the studio would likely give wide berth to GTA 6.

The data miner claims that the medieval IP has been in development since around the time Red Dead Redemption 2 was released. With over half a decade’s worth of development time, the game could be in an advanced stage of development at this point. Rockstar could hypothetically reveal it soon, but could also hold off on announcing it for some time. Assuming this is true.

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