GTA 5 source code leaked online, how does this keep happening?

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A year of cybersecurity failures for Rockstar Games is continuing until the very end, with GTA 5’s source code being leaked to the internet

On Christmas Eve 2023, download links for the source code of Grand Theft Auto 5 were distributed on several platforms, including the very Telegram channel used by Arion Kurtaj under the handle “TeapotUberHacker” to leak hacked materials from other Rockstar leaks.

Kurtaj was sentenced to an indefinite hospital stay by a judge after being convicted for a 2022 hack on Rockstar that leaked an early build of GTA 6. The hack itself took place in September 2022, when it is alleged that Kurtaj used a cellphone, an Amazon Fire Stick, and a TV, to breach security at Rockstar Games. This allegedly took place while he was in protective police custody in a hotel room while he was out on bail for other alleged hacks of other major tech and telecommunications companies.

Was the GTA 5 source code leaked?

The GTA 5 source code was distributed across the internet after an apparent leak.

Images circulating the internet show what appears to be a file directory containing the source code for GTA 5. Portions of the source code have reportedly been circulating among hackers for some time now and were used to create cheats and malicious mods for GTA Online.

This new leak contains the totality of GTA 5’s source code. It is unclear how the source code was made publicly available but the use of Kurtaj’s Telegram channel suggests it could have been a part of his previous hack of Rockstar. Malware hub creator hub vx-underground claims to have found the individual responsible, with their rationale for releasing the source code was that people were actively seeking it and being met with malware instead.

Unlike Kurtaj’s previous invasion of Rockstar’s systems, little in regards to GTA 6 has come from this leak, other than a screenshot of a script that is purportedly related to the game. The 2022 hack included a playable build of the game. Rockstar has been aggressive in taking down media related to the game, but that hasn’t stopped fans.

Why does Rockstar keep having things leaked?

It is unclear what has led to the consistent stream of leaks out of Rockstar Games. The studio behind the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead series has had a number of high-profile leaks over the last 18 months.

Kurtaj leaked a playable build of GTA 6, and this GTA 5 source code leak may have been related. However, the GTA 6 trailer was leaked on X about 12 hours before it was meant to be officially released. This led to Rockstar officially releasing the trailer on YouTube shortly thereafter.

Alongside this was a separate GTA 6 leak where a TikTok user logged into the PC of a relative who worked at Rockstar Games, shot footage of the game in action, and then published it on social media. Surrounding the GTA 5 source code leak, data miners stated that there was evidence of a new Rockstar IP with a medieval setting.

With the Christmas holidays in full swing, Rockstar Games has not made any official comment in its public channels.

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