Saddam Hussein may be confirmed for Black Ops 6, here’s why

Saddam Hussein in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6

Fans have reportedly found evidence that Saddam Hussein may appear as a villain for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, harkening back to the game’s past “Black Ops Gulf War” billing.

With Activision’s outright confirmation of Black Ops 6’s existence came an official trailer for the upcoming title. As expected of the Call of Duty fanbase, they immediately scoured every second of the trailer for details about the next game’s plot. Longtime fans of the Call of Duty franchise sorely missed the exciting plots of the franchise.

After all, Modern Warfare 3, for all of its commercial success, suffered critically due to its disappointing campaign. Though multiplayer fans still enjoyed the franchise, many who followed the campaign felt robbed of the series’ single-player experience. However, recent reports suggest the next campaign will be as exciting as any Black Ops before it.

Coordinates in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 trailer hint at Saddam Hussein appearing

Fans found evidence of Saddam Hussein’s presence in Black Ops 6 in the game’s announcement trailer.

Eagle-eyed viewers quickly spotted coordinates in the trailer that led to Saddam Hussein’s palace. Given the long-reported Gulf War setting, it makes perfect sense for the infamous dictator to be present in the Black Ops 6 storyline.

However, the extent of his presence is currently unknown. After all, though Fidel Castro appeared in the first Black Ops, he had limited screen time. Saddam Hussein may be nothing more than a historical cameo to establish the stakes of the Gulf War.

Some speculate that an unknown villain will play a more major role in the Gulf War’s escalating tensions. It wouldn’t be the first time Call of Duty changed real-world events to account for the existence of a secret war criminal, as seen with Nikita Dragovich or General Shepherd. 

Alternatively, the coordinates could imply Saddam Hussein’s palace will be a playable level in the Black Ops 6 campaign. Much like the first Black Ops mission, the player character might be tasked with assassinating the dictator, only to fail in some fashion. 

Finally, some speculate Saddam Hussein himself might even be playable in one of the Zombies maps. After all, the Black Ops Zombies map “Five” lets fans play as historical figures like John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro. Either way, the intertwining of real-world history with the game’s fictional narrative was welcomed by Black Ops fans.  

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