Starfield: Release date of Shattered Space DLC might be soon

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A stealth update to Starfield hints that a big content update is coming to the game, which suggests the release date of the Shattered Space DLC could be soon.

The launch of Starfield was no great savior for Microsoft. The game had a strong launch from a player count perspective, but enthusiasm faded quickly to the point where Skyrim had more active users on the game before the end of 2023. The title was notably absent from major video game award events, except for apparent ad buys where it essentially declared itself game of the year.

That said, Bethesda hasn’t given up on Starfield just yet. The company has already announced its update plans including expansions and official mod support, and committed players are hoping it eventually gets fixed and enjoys a Cyberpunk 2077 or No Man’s Sky-style turnaround.

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However, Bethesda is still vague about when the Shattered Space DLC and official mod support will come to Starfield, outside of the fact that both coming at some point in 2024. Changes to Starfield’s files that can be seen on SteamDB show some movement on this front, hinting that the release date of Starfield’s first big DLC seems to be getting closer at a fast rate.

Starfield Shattered Space DLC release date info

Starfield Shattered Space will launch in 2024, and there is no official information narrowing this further. But it could be coming soon if SteamDB update patterns are anything to go by.

A Steam update to Starfield included the addition of “Unknown App 2721670” to its DLC section. The only other files in this section are the Starfield pre-order bonuses and deluxe edition add-ons, which were also changed in the days prior.

Elden Ring underwent similar changes in the months prior to these Starfield changes. A new unknown application was added to the downloadable content section in January and some hidden files were discovered soon after that indicated the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC was already in an advanced stage of development. In February, it was announced that the DLC will be released in June.

It’s possible that the Starfield Shattered Space DLC is going through something similar and will get a release date or at least a reveal trailer in the coming months.

It’s unknown what will be included in the DLC, but there are strong in-game signs that it will focus on House Varuun. House Varuun is one of the three factions that shape the lore of Starfield but players were never able to join it. Even if that’s not the case, upcoming mod support could open the door for the organization to be added by fans.

When is Starfield Creations’ official mod support coming?

It is unknown when Starfield Creations will be added to the game for all players, but it may be coming soon as there are signs of a secret beta.

SteamDB shows changes coming from Cf_beta_verifiedcreator. This suggests there’s a closed beta test going on right now for this feature, or that there will be one soon. The change logs show support for multiple languages and DLC, though it’s unclear if the release date for official mods will coincide with that of Starfield Shattered Space.

Starfield currently has over 6,000 mods on the Nexus but the Creations system offers mods that don’t conflict with the game or each other. These come at a price to the player, however.

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