SteveWillDoIt arrested, here’s why and why fans are laughing


Content creator Stephen “SteveWillDoIt” DeLeonardis has been arrested while wearing an off-putting mustache disguise, but what actually happened and is he actually facing prison time?

Streamer and TikTok star SteveWillDoIt has recently been making viral content at Universal Studios in Florida, dressing up as “Mexican Superman” and other costumes while giving unsuspecting families thousands of dollars. While it sounds wholesome to an extent, and it should be noted that SteveWillDoIt is white, he apparently broke the law to make these videos and has now been arrested.

The news was revealed in ludicrous fashion, with an ominous but hilarious tweet containing his mugshot. The news and the picture didn’t draw sympathy or concern though, even from his fans.

Why was SteveWillDoIt arrested?

SteveWillDoIt was arrested on charges of trespassing on property after warning.

According to a tweet that was supposedly posted by his family, he “got caught disguising himself at Universal and was arrested for trespassing.” The tweet has since been edited to remove the admission that he was wearing a disguise.

This was accompanied by a hilarious screenshot of his mugshot where he’s still wearing the massive mustache. It’s unclear why the cops never asked him to take it off. 

It’s unclear what led to his arrest. Fan speculation has centered around the idea that SteveWillDoIt was ejected from the park and snuck back in while wearing a “disguise,” a giant fake mustache, but it’s unknown if this was the case. His arrest record shows he is facing a $500 bond. 

Fans have responded largely with laughter, calling his mugshot “iconic” and making jokes about him trying to get back in with such a flimsy disguise. Others felt that Universal had overreacted, pointing out that he had been “changing families lives” and doing other good deeds. 

A number of the comments focused on how the arrest record shows that SteveWillDoIt’s age is 25. Many were shocked that he’s so young, with commenters saying they thought he was in his 30s. For now, he’s being called SteveDidDoIt.

This is far from the first case where a content creator has landed themselves in legal trouble for what was likely some sort of on-air stunt. In 2023, Kai Cenat wound up in police custody after a PlayStation 5 giveaway went awry. Johnny Somali was repeatedly arrested on charges related to trespassing at a construction site in Japan and sexually harassing a police officer in Israel.

Will SteveWillDoIt go to prison?

SteveWillDoIt is potentially facing thousands of dollars in fines and months in prison after his arrest.

While fans had fun with his arrest, he is facing actual criminal charges related to this case. This could see him slapped with fines for tens of thousands of dollars, and up to six months of jail time. He is also likely facing a lifetime ban from Universal Studios parks, though that might be better for everyone involved.

Odds are that he will not be punished to the full extent of the law, but he’ll have to find a new gimmick.

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Written by Olivia Richman

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