Switch 2 backwards compatibility may be better than you hoped

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The Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly have backwards compatibility with games for the existing Nintendo Switch, and will enable them to actually run better on the new hardware.

The Switch 2’s reveal is reportedly coming in March 2024 and fans are excited for Nintendo’s next mainline consoles release. The gap between the Switch 1 and the Switch 2 is the longest in Nintendo’s console release history. In the interim, Switch variants like the Switch OLED and Switch Lite tided fans over, but those aren’t the same as a new console. 

Reports suggest that the Switch 2’s performance will be a focus of Nintendo during its development. Everyone expects next-gen consoles to be powerful. However, the fascinating caveat is that the Switch 2 is reportedly backwards compatible, likely a welcome for fans who have amassed a sizable collection of games. Nintendo’s next-gen enhancements may end up dripping down to their existing offerings. 

Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly has enhanced backwards compatibility with Switch games

The Switch 2 will reportedly give developers the option to boost the performance of Switch 1 releases.

Felipe Lima of Universo Nintendo reports the Switch 2 will be capable of more than backwards compatibility. Both Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 have backwards compatibility and offer improved graphics or performance based on that. This sort of feature is reportedly set to come with the next Nintendo console.  

If Nintendo were to implement a similar system, that means Nintendo owners wouldn’t have to wait for a remaster of their favorite Switch games. Universo Nintendo has accurately broken stories before, such as the release dates of unannounced Nintendo Directs and collaboration events. The primary source of Universo Nintendo for these Nintendo Switch 2 claims comes from PH Brazil, a Portuguese gaming podcast. 

The impact of this change could be enormous for the existing Switch catalog. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which have infamously bad performance issues, enjoyed noticeable boosts in performance just by running on overclocked Nintendo Switch hardware. Performance patches on the Switch 2 can offer something similar, or perhaps even better.

The Switch 2 will reportedly be the most powerful Nintendo console yet. 

Leakers have pieced together the likely specs for the upcoming Switch 2.

Most of the details about the specs come from the hacker group Lapsus$ leaking internal Nvidia server data to the internet. The leaks included details about an upcoming Nintendo console, which many speculate to be the Switch 2.

In terms of raw power, the Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly be comparable to a PS4 or PS4 Pro, depending on whether it’s docked or mobile. With modern upscaling technology, the Switch 2 could be even more powerful than that. Even if it sounds too good to be true for Nintendo fans, they won’t have to wait long to find out. 

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