Twitch streamer FanFan just leaked how much she makes


The popular Twitch streamer FanFan revealed how much money she makes, giving fans an idea of her future on the platform.

Fiona “FanFan” Fan is a TSM-affiliated streamer who primarily streams under the “Just Chatting” category on the streaming platform Twitch. Her streams typically consist of FanFan sharing short stories about her life, reacting to videos, and playing games. During one of those streams, FanFan revealed how much money she makes in a year while streaming.

The amount of money she makes has given fans an idea of whether they can expect to see the streamer continue streaming on the platform. She also revealed how much money streamers like her usually make for sponsorship deals and how it compares to what the top three streamers get.

How much money does FanFan make on Twitch?

FanFan stated that she makes about $150,000 a year through her career as a Twitch streamer.

FanFan’s claim has been met with skepticism thanks to an incident at an OfflineTV event, where she nearly missed out on $50,000 worth of prize money due to not checking her emails. Her carelessness leads some to believe the amount, which would be a third of her yearly earnings, is not much for her.

In the same stream, FanFan also talked about how much money others get for sponsors compared to her. The streamer stated in a seemingly exaggerated fashion that the “top 3 streamers on Twitch” earn $35,000 per sponsor, much higher than what she says she’s offered. The streamer states he receives about $3,000 to $5,000 per sponsor.

FanFan’s current income is what she’s getting before the Plus Program goes into effect. The changes to the program are likely to either hurt or help streamers, with little middle ground. In the coming months, her earnings may be different than what she quoted previously, for better or worse.

Is FanFan still streaming on Twitch?

Yes, FanFan is still streaming on Twitch, and it’s unlikely she’ll leave streaming or the platform anytime soon. She went on to state that she is “happy and content” with her current situation in the same stream where she revealed her earnings.

FanFan’s Twitch contract status is unclear, but notable with streamers like Imane “Pokimane” Anys have walked away from the platform. Twitch also threw open the doors to multi-streaming across multiple platforms, so she could benefit from broadcasting on other platforms.

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