Wonder Woman game leak reveals villains, Nemesis system details

Cheetah and Wonder Woman

New details for Monolith’s upcoming Wonder Woman game just dropped, including its main villains and how it uses the Nemesis system.

Superhero games remain a mixed bag despite the genre’s popularity in Hollywood. For every Marvel’s Spider-Man boasting strong casts of characters and stunning open worlds, players also get cheesy and microtransaction-filled titles like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. If there’s one thing many gamers agree on, it should be that superhero games work best as single-player action adventures.

One of the most innovative studios for that particular niche is Monolith Productions, the studio behind the Shadow of Mordor series. In 2021, the studio announced it had moved its sights from Middle-Earth to the DC Universe with Wonder Woman. Now, fans may have just gotten a glimpse of what Monolith’s Wonder Woman has in store.

Who are the villains of Monolith’s Wonder Woman?

Circe, Medusa, and Cheetah are seemingly positioned to be the main antagonists in the Wonder Woman game.

Leakers claim to have found an online marketing survey for Monolith’s Wonder Woman, which allegedly revealed new information. Ever since Monolith Productions‘ announcement, it has remained quiet about Wonder Woman’s development. 

If true, the marketing survey is fans’ first clue about what the Wonder Woman game will be like. Given the villains present in the game, Themyscira will likely be the primary location for most of the game. After all, Circe is an iconic sorceress in Greek mythology, and everybody knows the petrifying Medusa. Cheetah is the only non-Greek myth villain, but as one of Wonder Woman’s most memorable villains, it makes sense she will appear in some capacity.

Interestingly, these villains will reportedly be part of Wonder Woman’s Nemesis System.

Will Wonder Woman feature the Nemesis system?

A key developer of Wonder Woman hinted that the Nemesis system from the Shadow of Mordor series will return in the game.

Wonder Woman narrative director Tony Elias discussed procedural conversations and dialogue as part of Wonder Woman’s core gameplay loop, much like Shadow of Mordor. 

Additionally, the marketing survey states the Nemesis system will be part of the Wonder Woman game.

The Nemesis system was one of the most beloved features of Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. The games are both open-world with an abundance of field bosses. Field bosses are capable of returning and becoming a major character unto themselves, making every playthrough different.

Notably, the concept art for the Wonder Woman game accompanied these titles, but the media was taken down via copyright claims. The copyright takedowns imply Monolith or Warner Bros considers the information confidential and also serves as a probable confirmation of its legitimacy. Either way, fans hope Wonder Woman will appear in a game showcase event soon. 

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