You’ll need to re-learn Icebox, Lotus after Valorant Episode 8 drops

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Riot Games revealed the map changes coming to Icebox and Lotus in Valorant Episode 8 Act 1, and you’re going to need to learn some new lineups.

Valorant Episode 8 is on the horizon and promises to bring several additions to the game. In addition to the new Outlaw sniper rifle and an updated battle pass, the upcoming episode will also make some notable changes to the Lotus and Icebox maps, forcing players to change how they approach critical areas.

Data miners had already revealed that Lotus and the returning Icebox would get changes and Riot Games has since confirmed it. The confirmation was made through two posts on X showcasing all the upcoming map changes using before and after pictures.

What’s changing in Icebox in Valorant Episode 8?

Icebox will see several changes in Valorant Episode 8, including tweaks outside attacker spawn, nid, green, B-tube, and B-snow pile.

Outside attacker spawn, a second container is now on top of the blue container that leads towards mid, cutting off a sightline that could have been used to take out targets from or in attacker spawn. The green container that has always been hanging on green is now even higher so that high-flying agents can no longer get on top of it, at least in theory.

A window has been added deep into the tube near the kitchen area, giving defenders a sightline to mid while making pushing the tube more difficult because of the extra sightline from defender spawn. Boxes have also been placed in the tube’s interior to provide more cover.

Finally, containers are now blocking the previously unblocked small alley outside the kitchen area which used to lead to B site. This change means only one alley leads to B site from mid and kitchen instead of the previous two.

What’s changing in Lotus in Valorant Episode 8?

In Valorant Episode 8, several changes have been made to the inside of A-link and all three sites of the Lotus map.

The wall next to A-link from A-main is no longer slanted and is now a perfect right angle with some boxes for added cover, while the room inside A-link is bigger, giving players more moving space. The A site’s trademark hallways are gone, and there’s now an indent in the side of the site’s wall facing the defender spawn.

The passageway between B-main and C-link has gotten slightly longer, making the site larger overall. Players can’t plant the spike near the small box like they could previously, as Valorant Episode 8 has decreased the spike area.

Attackers can’t plant the spike near C-halls anymore either, but they can plant it on the stairs next to C-bend. The box leading to the ramp has also expanded towards the left when entering the site from attacker spawn, along with minor changes to the pillar and boxes in the corner next to the C halls entrance.

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