Here’s how Hades 2’s 1st patch changed dash, resource farming

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The first big Hades 2 patch of early access brings quality-of-life changes, chief among them being changes to Melinoe’s dash and improvements to the resource farming process. 

Hades 2 has been in early access on PC for just over a week. Despite being in early access, the game has smashed many of the first title’s records. During its launch week, Hades 2 hit over 100,000 concurrent players and has an average player count of well over 60,000. 

However, despite all the love, plenty of returning players felt the movement was off in the sequel. Hades 2 is different from the first game in many ways, and the movement seems deliberately different to differentiate the protagonists. Thankfully for players who miss Zagreus, Supergiant Games is right on top of the issue. 

Hades 2 patch increases sprint and changes dash

The latest Hades 2 patch increases sprint speed and tweaks the dashing mechanic

The patch makes the sprint “innately faster” and more responsive. Some players found it hard to maneuver Melinoe when sprinting, but the patch should make her more nimble and easier to control. The previous lack of responsiveness could result in game over in late-game areas, so it’s a welcome change. 

About to fight Eris in Hades 2

The patch also addresses the dash mechanic in Hades 2. Unlike Hades 1 where Zagreus could spam dashes, especially with certain boons, Hades 2 has a new dash mechanic. When Melinoe dashes, she leaves a trail behind that must be collected before dashing again. It is a marked change from the first game and requires good timing to nail perfect dashes. 

Hades 2 patch makes farming resources easier, faster 

Resource gathering speed also got a buff in the new Hades 2 patch, making it much easier to farm for materials

Hades 2 introduced crafting, which requires materials and resources ranging from Golden Apples to literal rubbish. The incantations often help improve Melinoe’s abilities and add new mechanics and features.

The trouble is that resources require tools to be farmed, and players can only bring a certain number of tools at once. From driftwood to fish, there’s much to gather in Hades 2. Players just haven’t been able to get everything they need, which can make for a grinding process.

The new patch removes the tool restriction, so players can gather any resource if they have unlocked the associated tool. Players can “Prioritize” any available tool, and its associated resource will appear more often. The patch also addresses minor level design, UI, and gameplay issues.

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