How long is Avowed, and how big is its world? Obsidian answers

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Xbox fans are eagerly awaiting Obsidian Entertainment’s next role-playing game, Avowed but how big is the game and how long can gamers expect to enjoy it? The game director has all the answers. 

Obsidian has a long and illustrious history of making role-playing games. From huge, lore-centric Pillars of Eternity to fan-favorite Fallout: New Vegas, the studio has made a ton of great RPGs. While former leaders of the company suggested that Obsidian’s ability to over-deliver on spin-offs and throwaway sequels actually hurt the company, it’s still going strong today.

Microsoft acquired the studio in November 2018 and has since released two smaller games, Pentiment and Grounded. Despite being an Xbox first-party studio, both games got a PlayStation 5 release.

Obsidian’s next game, Avowed, is a full-fledged Xbox-exclusive RPG. For now, at least. While drawing comparisons with Elder Scrolls, Avowed has also aimed to deliver a unique experience. The game director recently answered burning questions about the game’s scale and size. 

How big is Avowed?

Avowed game director Carrie Patel explained that Avowed’s world is similar in scope to The Outer Worlds.

Patel told Game Informer that it’s best to compare Avowed to The Outer Worlds in scope. Fans were setting high expectations for the game, some even calling it Obsidian’s Elder Scrolls. The game director tempers the expectations and brings them closer to what the game offers. 

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The experience also depends on the difficulty, the player’s interest in exploration, and seeking out the side content. As with all RPGs, the game will be much shorter if players only stick to the main missions. 

How long is Avowed?

Avowed is likely to be 15-20 hours As with the game’s world, Avowed’s length was compared with The Outer Worlds.

It’s a small game compared to the latest AAA RPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Dragon’s Dogma 2. The Outer Worlds is a short experience, but its length only adds to the replayability. As a traditional Obsidian RPG, there are multiple ways to play the game with varied character builds. It remains to be seen if Avowed follows a similar design philosophy or treads a unique path. 

Recent trailers showed off various locations featured in Avowed. The game is not an open world; instead, it has large open levels for players to explore, much like The Outer Worlds and the new Dragon Age game. Obsidian hasn’t announced a release date, but the game is coming out in 2024. 

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