Mario’s new voice actor just got leaked, here’s who they are

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A Super Mario Bros. Wonder data mine has likely revealed the identity of Mario’s new voice actor after Charles Martinet stepped away from the role.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the next side-scrolling platformer in the Mario franchise and it’s the first since the retirement of Mario’s longtime voice actor, Charles Martinet. Martinet pivoted from voicing Mario to a brand ambassador role for Nintendo. This move has led fans to discuss who could take over the job, and if anyone could truly replace him. 

With Super Mario Bros. Wonder launching soon, a demo version of the game has been distributed to major retailers to be added to Nintendo Switch kiosks in stores. This demo made its way to data miners who looked into hidden files and found a full list of voice credits. While the list of voice actors didn’t include what roles they were each playing, fans were able to easily pick out the names that hadn’t appeared in Mario games before.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a new Mario game coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Who will be Mario’s new voice actor?

Mick Wingert is likely the new voice actor of Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder and other future titles.

Since the list of names is strictly a list with no roles assigned to them, it isn’t completely certain that Wingert got the job. Wingert’s agency denied that he is playing Mario in a statement made to IGN but didn’t deny that he worked on the game.

The list of voice actors and actresses appearing in Super Mario Bros. Wonder that haven’t appeared in previous Mario games includes a handful of women, as well as Kevin Afghani. Afghani has few credited roles in major releases of any kind, with his biggest being the English voice of Genshin Impact’s Arnold. With Super Mario Bros. Wonder coming out very soon, fans will find out who got the job soon regardless.

mick wingert
Mick Wingert in 2022, on Twitter

Nintendo has been mum to this point on who will be replacing Charles Martinet as the voice of Mario. It’s unclear why but it may be to protect them from fan backlash. The early reactions to Chris Pratt voicing Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie fans were overwhelmingly negative, and Nintendo may be concerned about a similar reaction. Pratt ultimately received praise from fans and critics for his performance in the film after it premiered.

Who is Mick Wingert, the man who may be the new Mario voice actor?

Mick Wingert is a voice actor with more than 20 years of experience who has voiced characters in everything from video games like Fortnite to anime like Attack on Titan.

Working as a voice actor since 2000, Mick Wingert has taken on roles both big and small. His biggest major roles include serving as the regular voice of Iron Man in various Marvel Comics-related series and as Po in multiple Kung Fu Panda animated series, taking over the role from Jack Black.

Fans may also recognize Wingert as Heimerdinger in Netflix’s Arcane series and Il Dottore in Genshin Impact. If Mick is indeed Mario’s next voice actor, he is coming to the role with a full career behind him.

Charles Martinet didn’t just voice Mario, he lent his voice to Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi as well as their baby versions. It’s unknown if Wingert will take on these roles, or if Nintendo will instead have different voice actors for each of these characters.

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