Persona 4 remake release date news comes out, and it’s not good

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Recent reports shed some light on a Persona 4 remake’s potential release date, and it might disappoint some fans.

The success of Persona 3 Reload has rejuvenated the fandom and Atlus may not be pumping the brakes anytime soon. After becoming the fastest-selling title in Atlus’ history, Persona 3 Reload marks the beginning of another era for Atlus and Sega; an era of remakes, remasters, and reboots. 

Although the original release of Persona 3 was great in its own right, the remake’s success surprised even Atlus. Notably, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth also launched in the same week but similarly sold over a million copies in the timeframe. Sega’s push for quirky RPGs has paid off, and the publisher likely wants to capitalize. A Persona 4 remake would turn some heads, new and old fans alike. 

Persona 4 remake release date info

The Persona 4 remake is reportedly coming, but its release date is potentially years away.

However, Sega leaker Midori on Twitter claimed that a Persona 4 remake exists. She also notes fans will have to “wait a while.” Midori accurately reported major components of Persona 5 Tactica’s DLC and Persona 3 Reload before their official announcements.

One of the most popular speculations for Persona 4 Remake’s staggered release is Atlus prioritizing other Persona projects. Persona 6 is the long-awaited sequel to Persona 5 and has officially been in development for some time. A Sega executive also stated in interviews that another Persona game besides Persona 3 Reload will come out in 2024. Finally, Persona 5 The Phantom X also remains in development.

Persona 5 and its spin-offs boast nearly half of the Persona franchise’s lifetime sales, over 10 million units, per financial reporting by SegaSammy. Persona 4 isn’t far behind, with over 9 million units sold across all its titles. It’s very likely a Persona 4 remake could beat the records set by Persona 3 Reload, so long as the series remains hot by the time its release date comes. 

Are there other Persona remakes in the works?

Remakes or remasters of previous Persona games, including Persona 1 and 2, are reportedly in the works.

This news also came from Midori, with the additional note that these remakes are not as grand in scale as Persona 3 Reload. This could mean something of a remaster in the vein of The World Ends With You: Final Remix or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, which featured HD graphics and improved audio.

Notably, Persona 2’s two parts, Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment, already got PSP “remakes” that added new content and features. Persona 3 similarly had Persona 3 Portable, which added the female main character Kotone Shiomi.

The first time Midori teased the remakes for Persona 2 and 4, she didn’t elaborate on how long development would take before release. Given Atlus’ busy schedule as of late, with 2024 alone teasing Metaphor Re: Fantazio and Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, it’s understandable why the Persona 4 remake is likely years away. 

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