Weapon X, new combat found in leaked Wolverine game footage

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Some of Wolverine’s archenemies and the X-Men’s greatest villains are set to appear in Insomniac Games’ upcoming title, and Weapon X is seemingly set to be among them.

Marvel’s Wolverine has been a victim of numerous leaks, something that has uncovered much of the game’s story. Insomniac Games, the studio behind the upcoming game, suffered a ransomware attack. The leaked data contained plenty of material for all Insomniac Games’ upcoming projects, including Marvel’s Wolverine.

Casting information, design documents, concept art, and even early builds of the game got leaked. The data breach was almost unprecedented, only matched by Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 6. In the months since, more and more information has come out on Marvel’s Wolverine, and even released like Spider-Man 2. The latest discovery expands the lineup of villains that are set to appear in the game. 

What is Weapon X in Marvel’s Wolverine?

Wolverine is seemingly set to fight against Weapon X in the upcoming video game.

The latest leaked footage shows Wolverine fighting operatives in a laboratory-like setting. Weapon X is a secret government facility that researches creating super-soldiers, efforts that gave Wolverine his signature adamantium skeleton and claws. Thanks to his extraordinary healing powers, Wolverine survived the infusion and became more deadly.

Wolverine is seen fighting in his underwear, so the footage is either from the beginning of the game or a flashback. The leaked footage ends when Wolverine escapes the facility into a snowy wilderness, hinting at expansive levels. Insomniac Games has been rapidly taking down leaked footage.

All of this suggests that the story will include what most fans know as the start of Wolverine’s story. It also demonstrates a bit more diversity in the enemies of Marvel’s Wolverine, as the Weapon X operatives are quite different from the ninjas of The Hand that were featured in the initial leaks.

Leaked footage shows new, Spider-Man 2-style combat in Marvel’s Wolverine

Marvel’s Wolverine combat in the leaked footage is a work in progress with missing animations, abilities, and combos. 

The combat seems to take cues from Insomniac’s Spider-man with elements of the Batman Arkham series. The melee attacks are fast-paced and require fast reflexes to dodge incoming attacks. The basic combo consists of simple slashes and some kicks.

Wolverine is seen dodge rolling around arenas against Weapon X adding another dynamic element to the moment-to-moment combat. The footage is clearly from a game in an unfinished state, with only a few combos repeating throughout the footage. New finishers are shown, with Wolverine using his claws to take out enemies in grizzly fashion. 

While Sony and Insomniac Games have yet to announce a release date for Marvel’s Wolverine, the leaked footage hints at a potential fall 2025 launch. 

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