What we know about Valorant on Nintendo Switch & Switch 2

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Riot’s first-person shooter Valorant is coming to consoles, but is a Nintendo Switch release or Switch 2 release also in the cards? A data mine indicates it might be.

Valorant has seen great success on PC and has millions of players logging in monthly. Now, Riot Games is targeting the console market by releasing Valorant on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. While Riot’s other giant game, League of Legends, is yet to make the move to consoles, the first-person competitive shooter Valorant is making the jump soon.

The game will soon be available on Sony and Microsoft consoles, but the announcement didn’t mention Nintendo at all. Riot Games already has a history of releasing games on the Nintendo Switch through Riot Forge, but hasn’t actually developed anything itself. The developers haven’t announced any plans to release the free-to-play shooter on the Switch but some data-mined leaks suggest Nintendo fans have some hope.

Is Valorant coming to Nintendo Switch?

Data mines suggest that Valorant was in development for the Nintendo Switch, but there’s no official word from Riot Games or Nintendo. At this point, a Valorant release on Nintendo’s next-gen “Switch 2” console is more likely than on the existing hardware.

Data miners might have uncovered evidence of a Nintendo Switch port in March 2024. The exact data string also mentioned PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, but the console beta is exclusive to their current-gen console successors. The console beta test has already started on the next-generation consoles. The leaked data could be leftovers from canceled ports or it’s possible the game builds referenced in the strings pre-date the release of the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

Game development shifts focus all the time. Riot might have planned an old generation and Nintendo Switch release but could’ve shifted over time. Nintendo Switch is a capable console, but running a demanding first-person competitive game could be too much for the now-aging hardware.

Valorant might come to Nintendo Switch 2

Riot Games may be planning to release Valorant on the Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo Switch 2 is coming and is reportedly as powerful as last-generation consoles. Running Valorant on new hardware would be easier for the developers as well. According to reports, Nintendo is planning to reveal the console in 2024 and will release it in early 2025.

While the original Nintendo Switch has sold over 140 million units so far, the new Switch will have a smaller install base at launch. Riot Games will leave many gamers by not releasing the game on the original Switch, but the long-term potential is there.

Veteran Valorant PC players can easily bring unlocked agents and skins to consoles, making the transfer convenient regardless of which console is used.

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