DC Studios CEO gives update on Batman: Arkham game series

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CEO of DC Studios James Gunn dropped hints that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League won’t be the last fans see of Batman and the Arkham video game series.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is set for release in 2024 and many fans expected it to be the final game in the franchise. These thoughts were fueled by the apparent end of Batman’s story in Arkham Knight, and the tragic passing of iconic Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy. However, it seems the Arkhamverse isn’t quite done yet.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League might be Kevin Conroy’s final performance as the Dark Knight, but it may not mark the end of the Arkham series’ universe. Gunn said as much on social media in response to a fan.

Will there be new Arkham Batman games?

There are no upcoming Arkham Batman games that are confirmed, but DC’s James Gunn hinted that more may be coming.

A fan on social media asked if Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League would be the final game for the Arkhamverse. In response, Gunn enthusiastically claimed that there were “no plans of it being the last.”

Interestingly, Gunn deleted the tweet soon after. The reason for its deletion is unknown, but the words of DC Studios’ CEO carry weight. Gunn confirmed the plans for an interwoven universe of DCU movies, TV shows, and games in 2022.

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Despite deleting the tweet, fans have taken Gunn’s words as gospel even though nothing is officially confirmed. Neither Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios nor publisher WB Games have officially announced plans to continue the series. This is still a positive sign for fans of the series, which is now eight years removed from its last game.

What major DC games are coming after Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League?

DCU games will likely play a huge role in DC’s future in the gaming industry. Gunn hasn’t provided much detail on what these games will be, other than the confirmation that they are coming. While Batman and the Arkham series have an unclear future, there are some major release lined up.

The biggest game that is confirmed is Wonder Woman. The game was announced in 2021 but few details have come out about the game outside its first teaser trailer. The game was caught up in the controversy surrounding Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s live service model, which forced WB Games to issue a statement.

There is also an untitled project of Gotham Knights developer WB Montreal currently in the works. There is little news on Injustice 3, and it may not come for some time with Mortal Kombat 1 releasing recently. 

As for the future of the Arkhamverse, that also remains uncertain.  More than likely, the success or failure of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will determine the universe’s fate. The leaks so far have shown a long-term live service plan for the shooter, which has been met with persistent pushback from fans. Even so, a good game could win many back.

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