Is Sega going to remake Sonic Heroes? Here’s what’s been said

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Sonic the Hedgehog is reportedly set to get a number of remakes to classic games including Sonic Heroes, but is there any hope for Sonic Adventure?

Sonic Heroes launched on December 30, 2003, for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC. The game takes place after Sonic Adventure 2 and is considered a unique entry in the Sonic franchise, as it allows players to control teams of three characters with each member having unique abilities. The game had four different teams, each with a character dedicated to speed, power, and flight.

More than 20 years removed from Sonic Heroes’ release, multiple leakers have claimed that Sonic Heroes is getting a remaster. One leaker also shared information about another Sonic game series that might come to modern platforms.

Is Sonic Heroes getting a remake?

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, multiple leakers have claimed that Sonic Heroes may be getting a remake.

The initial leak came from video game blogger Zippo, known as the person who leaked Pikmin 4’s gameplay reveal and release date. Zippo claimed in their blog that a “remake of a big, important, seminal 3D Sonic game” is in production and that it will be powered by Unreal Engine 5, unlike the upcoming Sonic Generations game. This was followed by Felipe Lima of Universo Nintendo posting a photo of Sonic Heroes splash art, suggesting that it was actually the 2003 title that was getting a facelift.

Well-known Sega leaker Midori, @MbKKssTBhz5 on Twitter, who has accurately released details about the Persona series and has been actively covering other Sega-owned franchises like Virtua Fighter, co-signed Zippo’s claims. However, they indicated that it was not actually in full development. Instead, they stated that Sega is testing out multiple Sonic games in Unreal Engine 5, Sonic Heroes included, but that the company hasn’t fully committed to a remake yet.

No release date was confirmed, but there’s plenty of Sonic already slated to come out in 2024. Alongside Sonic x Shadow Generations coming out in 2024, a new party game entitled Sonic Toys is also seemingly inbound.

Some fans voiced frustration over the possible move to Unreal Engine 5 and questioned whether Sonic Team should do so. The reported logic behind this is to increase the flexibility internally at Sega. Most of its developers work on UE5, and having the Sonic Team do the same would make it easier for other Sega-affiliated studios to offer development support.

Will the Sonic Adventure games get remakes?

SEGA has not announced any Sonic Adventure remakes and no notable leakers or journalists have indicated that anything is secretly in the works. When asked if the Sonic Adventure games would see remakes, Midori said there are no “Sonic Adventure remakes right now.”

Although the Sonic Adventure games take place before Sonic Heroes, the Adventures series has already received multiple remasters and re-releases. Sonic Adventure has Sonic Adventure DX, and Sonic Adventure 2 has Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

The Sonic Adventure games are playable on Xbox Series X/S and Windows, unlike Sonic Heroes, which is only officially on the original platforms it launched on. Additionally, even if the Adventures games don’t get remade from the ground up, that doesn’t mean they can’t see modern remasters.

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