Sony may have leaked that a PS5 Bloodborne release is coming

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Bloodborne has been shackled to the now-aging PlayStation 4 hardware for nearly a decade, but a Bloodborne PS5 version might soon change that. 

Even as next-gen upgrade patches arrive for Dark Souls, Sony and FromSoftware’s Bloodborne remains locked up on the past-gen hardware. The title famously didn’t receive a PlayStation Pro update to bring it to a stable 60 FPS, even as modders and data miners demonstrated how easy it was to do. With a steady stream of leaks for several years saying that the game is being ported to next-generation hardware and PC, fans have gotten their hearts broken numerous times. 

Despite the lack of official word from Sony or FromSoftware, Bloodborne PS5 remains a focus for fans of the genre. While the Soulsborne lovers have their hands full with Elden Ring and its excellent expansion, many would pay top dollar for a full Bloodborne remake or sequel, or even just a re-release on modern hardware. While a remake or sequel remains the dream, Sony may have let slip that something is coming.

Is Bloodborne coming out on PS5?

The PlayStation Stars program listed a PS5 version of Bloodborne as a reward, sparking hope that of a re-release for the PS4 classic.

Bloodborne Ps Stars

The find was made by a Reddit user that shows the artwork of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, marked as a PlayStation 5 game. The PlayStation Stars service is making a comeback after being broken for nearly a month. The service remains offline for many PlayStation users, but those who have access were able to see the Bloodborne PS5 listing. 

Other users confirmed that the listing was there but took them to the old version’s landing page. While it’s possible that this was simply an error by Sony, there’s cause for suspicion regarding this.

Sony has been sloppy in recent months with leaking games through its digital storefronts and services. The most egregious recent example is announcing a PS5 release for New World, including its release date ahead of its official reveal. It also leaked the existence of multiple games including Lego 2K Goal and a native PS5 version of Minecraft. Prior to this, the company accidentally released Ultrawings 2 and Destiny 2: The Final Shape for download. If it is a mistake, the Bloodborne PS5 listing hasn’t been corrected yet. 

Game Informer’s senior editor, Imran Khan, stated that a Bloodborne PC port was in the works at one point, but fans should lower their expectations given the amount of time that passed. FromSoftware boss Hidetaka Miyazaki fielded multiple questions regarding Bloodborne before Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s release. He didn’t shoot down anything but stated all things Bloodborne are under the control of Sony, not FromSoftware.

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